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Danone guarantees jobs and salaries to all its employees worldwide for 3 months.
Planet Labor, 26 March 2020, n°11768 -

On 26 March, during an interview on French radio (RTL), Emmanuel Faber, CEO of the French food group Danone, stated the following commitment on air, “All employment contracts at Danone and all salaries, worldwide, are guaranteed for the next three months.” In addition to not laying off employees because of Covid-19, Danone will cover “all income up to salary level” in the event of recourse to partial unemployment measures, due to supply disruptions in a factory, or the inability of people to travel. Full salary will also be maintained for employees who are quarantined, ill, or in difficult childcare situations. For employees on the ground and cannot telework, Danone is offering “a worldwide food emergency bonus, which in France will take the form of a €1,000 supply production continuity bonus”. Danone will also set up a €250 million support scheme to enable “the 15,000 companies revolving round the Group” to deal with their cash flow problems, including service providers, farmers, independent distributors, additional sales teams, etc.