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Inditex: the textile group wants to assume its global corporate social responsibility

Inditex is taking seriously its role of global company and its social responsibility policy. The textile group, which owns Zara and which recently intervened in favour of the defense of employees' rights in several conflicts among its suppliers from the third world, just signed an agreement with the Moroccan managers' association of textile and clothing industries (AMITH). The agreement, named "citizen fiber", includes a commitment for sustainable development and the respect of employees' rights to mark the Moroccan textile's "ethical" difference from Asian competition. (Ref. 070600)

Through . Published on 04 July 2007 à 10h44 - Update on 04 July 2007 à 10h44

An agreement with Morocco. The agreement, even more important since Inditex is the main customer of Moroccan textile exports, was endorsed by Karim Tazi – AMITH’s chair – and Antonio Abril, Inditex’s advisor secretary general , in collaboration with Doug Miller,…

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