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EU : the economic and social committee requests a European information gateway on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

International framework-agreements and European works councils. Furthermore, with regard to the promotion by the Commission of the “acceptable work” concept at international level (v. “Promote acceptable work” COM(2006) 249 final, May 2006), the committee “ calls upon partners of European-based multinationals to enrich transnational social dialogue through negotiation of international framework-agreements on CSR. Companies signing such agreements founded on respect of the principles outlined in the Declaration of the International Labour Organisation and the OECD guidelines for multinational companies, become party to the achievement of the objectives of development for the millennium”. The committee approved the formulation that “workers, their representatives and the unions should play a more active role in the elaboration and application” of the CSR principles. The committee calls upon companies ready to support the Alliance and “ to participate fully in the process, including the involvement of personnel representatives wishing to make their contribution and European workers councils have indeed a role to play”.

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