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Germany: “We want to help employees to change jobs and avoid redundancies,” says Marcel Verweinen, human resources senior vice president at Continental (interview)
Planet Labor, 8 October 2021, n°12725 -

Amid rapid evolutions in the world of work due to digitalisation, the ecological transition and demographic change, 26 large German companies employing a combined total of around one million people in the country have decided to join forces and form a so-called “Alliance of Chances”. This initiative, which is backed by employers’ associations as well as the chemicals sector trade union IG BCE, has been formed to help employees whose jobs are under threat to retrain for new professions or to work in sectors hit by labour shortages. It is hoped that this effort will help avoid redundancies, allow employees to maintain their employability and enable job-to-job transfers without periods of unemployment. Marcel Verweinen, head of human resources at Continental in Germany, the German atechnology company, which is one of the founding members of the alliance, spoke to Planet Labor about the origins of this project, its objectives and strategies as well as the efforts already undertaken by Continental to foster the retraining of its staff.

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