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China: new guidelines on sexual harassment in Shenzhen

The Chinese megalopolis of Shenzen has adopted a ‘Guide to the prevention of sexual harassment’ that several detailed guidelines for dealing with the topic. In it is a precise definition of the criminal act, along with concrete examples, and a whole set of specific measures to be taken depending on the severity of the behavior. Noteworthy is the fact that companies that do not have a system in place to combat sexual harassment in the workplace will be held responsible in the event of a complaint.

Through . Published on 27 April 2021 à 16h35 - Update on 27 April 2021 à 16h35

Following on from its recognition in the new civil code, which came into force on 01 January 2021 (c.f. article No.12113), sexual harassment in schools, companies and government agencies is being further detailed and condemned by the implementation of specific guidelines aimed primarily at prevention in Shenzhen, the large metropolis in southern China that borders Hong Kong. Released jointly on 24 March by nine government agencies, including the Public Security Bureau and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, this ‘Sexual Harassment Prevention Guide for Shenzhen City’ (Shenzhenshi fangzhi xingsaorao xingwei zhinan) develops, for the first time ever, several detailed guidelines covering a wide range of issues, including a precise definition of sexual harassment along with concrete examples and a reference guide of measures that institutions and companies, in particular, should adopt to prevent this multifaceted crime.

Sexual harassment precisely defined. Interestingly, the public authorities,…

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