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G7 labour and employment ministers commit to strengthening vocational training amid transitioning economies
Planet Labor, 25 May 2022, n°13074 -

On 24 May 2022 during their meeting held in the north-German city of Wolfsburg, the G7 labour and employment ministers agreed on a roadmap for a ‘Just transition and the promotion of decent and skilled work in a green economy.’ Faced with the challenges of ‘digitalisation, decarbonisation and demographic change’, the ministers intend to remove the ‘structural barriers’ hindering access to continuing education for all. To this end, the action plan intends for tools to be developed that anticipate skills and evaluate upskilling and reskilling programs. The ministers aim to put means in place that can better reach those who are under-qualified, in particular by improving information and careers guidance programs. The ministers also intend to encourage SMEs to join forces with the social partners and training organizations so as to enable as many workers as possible to benefit from these opportunities. The action plan also looks to develop digital vocational training by providing the equipment if needed and by certifying this type of training course. Finally, to more directly encourage workers to pursue training opportunities, the ministers intend to pave the way for paid training leave along with other financial incentives, while recognizing the need to fight gender stereotypes vis-à-vis domestic chores, so as to ensure that access to the training is gender neutral.