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Germany: the federal government has for the second time awarded the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Prize’
Planet Labor, 23 September 2014, n°8600 -

On Wednesday September 17, 2014 four German companies including the Otto group (in the category of ‘a company with more than 5000 employees’) and the soft packaging company Bischof + Klein GmbH & co. KG (in the 500 to 4999 employees category) were awarded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Prize”(CSR-Preis der Bundesregierung) by the German Federal Government. This prize was created in 2013 by Andrea Nahles (SPD) German Minister for Labor and Social affairs and aims to acknowledge exemplary and innovative companies that systematically and continuously integrate social, environmental and economic sustainability into their business operations. As a pedagogical tool the prize also attempts to encourage others to undertake similar CSR steps. This initiative forms part of the CSR action plan adopted by the federal government in 2010 and aims to make CSR one of the characteristics of the German economy.

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