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The World Players Association reminds Sports Governing bodies (SGBs) of their CSR obligations
Planet Labor, 26 November 2019, n°11506 -

The World Players Association (WPA), that represents players and athletes globally (85,000 sportspeople across more than 100 players associations and across more than 60 countries), and which acts as the leading voice of organized players in the governance of world sport, is continuing its work of building human rights awareness among the international sporting bodies and their members. On 04 December, WPA Executive Director, Brendan Schwab will be hosting a webinar on this issue that follows closely after the publication at the end of October of an article entitled, Protect, Respect and Remedy: Global Sport and Human Rights. In line with other industries, the SCBs are being called on to fully embrace CSR themes both in their capacity as employer and contractor.

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