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International: the UN adopts guidelines on businesses respecting Human Rights
Planet Labor, 4 July 2011, n°5966 -

Guidelines.  Laid down in a report presented to the Human Rights Council last year (see our dispatch No.  100370), these new international standards follow three principles, “Protect, Respect and Remedy.”  The first principle targets the States and their obligation to adopt a legal framework on the protection of Human Rights in business operations, including when the State is an integral part of the business relationship.  The second principle lays down the responsibility of businesses to respect Human Rights in their operations, including vis-à-vis their suppliers and other trade partners.  Finally, the third principle aims to grant legal or non-legal compensation to the victims of Human Rights violations in the business sector.  The Human Rights Council believes that these principles should help improve regional, national and international governance on the subject.  In the resolution, the UN states that it is “concerned that weak national legislation and implementation cannot effectively mitigate the negative impact of globalization on vulnerable economies, fully realize the benefits of globalization or derive maximally the benefits of activities of transnational corporations.”

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