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OECD: guidelines for multinational enterprises updated
Planet Labor, 26 May 2011, n°5884 -

New context.  Started in June 2010 (see our dispatch No.  100374), the negotiations to update the OECD’s guidelines truly started in October.  In April, the representatives from 42 governments (the OECD’s 34 members plus Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Peru and Romania) finally agreed on what changes to make to the recommendations, which were last updated in 2000.  These recommendations are a sort of code of conduct on corporate social responsibility which, even if it isn’t legally binding, it is established for the signing States.  The 2011 update should take account of globalization and of the new economic and social context in emerging countries, in consultation with employers’ representatives (BIAC) and union representatives (TUAC) for the OECD, and the network of NGOs working to promote corporate social responsibility, the “OECD Watch.”  The review is greatly based on the recommendations issued by John Ruggie, special representatives from the United Nations working on a strategy on businesses and human rights since 2005 (see our dispatch No.  100370).

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