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India : digital tool to facilitate transitioning from the informal to the formal economy ?
Planet Labor, 31 January 2019, n°11272 -

According to Indian publication Express Counter from 29 January (here) the BetterPlace startup is in the process of helping a section of the informal economy labor force (especially drivers, cleaning staff, security staff, delivery staff) transition to the formal economy. BetterPlace is proposing a ‘one-stop management solution’ for this particular labor-force segment. “Our products and services solve problems right from sourcing and hiring to training, managing compliances to running payroll and offering financial products. However, we are proud that our biggest milestone is the impact that we have created for these individuals,” affirms Pravin Agarwala, Co-founder & CEO, BetterPlace, who continued, “Our services facilitate a frictionless transition of the semi-formal workforce into the formal economy. Trusted by 1000+ large employers across various industries, we … are currently onboarding more than 10,000 individuals every day.” The platform facilitates labor supply and demand matching, (training partners across the country upload their trained candidates on the platform, from where they can be hired by the prospective employers). Following hire, the platform facilitates the onboarding process via a range of available services including compliance, training and skills assessment, training in job skills, soft skills and corporate guidelines that is offered in eight different languages using chatbots. The platform also offers electronic salary and taxation services including social security contributions payments and a two-click online bank account opening service. The customer segments include industries like private security, logistics, facilities management, on-demand services, IT/ITES, education, retail and others.