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China : a database comprising 202 million CVs freely available online?
Planet Labor, 29 January 2019, n°11269 -

Data security specialist firm Intrinsec has revealed that cyber risk research expert, ‘Bob Diachenko had published an article detailing how he had discovered how a database with 854 GB of data had been left open without any encryption in full view via search engine Shodan and not requiring any authorization and that contained in excess of 2020 Chinese citizen job seekers’ CVs.’ The incident is now closed but the data breach left open a great deal of information on these jobseekers, including telephone numbers, email addresses, family status, marital status, political sympathies, physical description, driving license status, and salary expectations.senic inorganiques; le formaldéhyde; la 4,4′-méthylènebis(2-chloroaniline) («MOCA»).