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21 December 2017
France: backs the Global Deal initiative
On 17 November, during the Social Summit gathering in Gothenberg, French President Emmanuel Macron announced France’s backing for the Global Deal initiative that was launched in September 2016 by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, and which aims to promote social dialogue so as to better regulate globalization, promote decent work, and reduce inequality (c.f. article No. 9826). On 21 December, thirteen partners, union organization and business became the first to launch the Global Deal French platform.
25 October 2017
The third UN working group session on a proposed binding business and human rights treaty gets to the heart of the matter
The Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises that is tasked with developing a binding instrument on multinational enterprises’ human rights violations responsibilities, gathered for the third and final time in Geneva, for a meeting that will last until the end of the week. This time round however, the delegations are working from a base document containing elements that define the contours of the draft legally binding instrument. The document...
17 October 2017
Bangladesh accord on textile factories: tribunal in The Hague to hear complaints against two leading international brands
In a statement issued on 17 October, IndustriAll Global Union welcomed the decision made public yesterday evening by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which deemed complaints tabled against two leading clothing brands as admissible. The complaints were brought forward by IndustriAll and UNI Global, signatories of the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. The case is one of the first which actions the binding nature of the agreement.
30 August 2017
Argentina: agricultural sector remains black sheep amid fight against child labour
With Argentina gearing up to host the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour, on 14th and 16th November in Buenos Aires, the country’s government insists that the issue remains a priority. However, a number of associations have denounced a critical situation on the ground. In the agricultural sector, and most strikingly in plantations of mate (a herb that is infused and widely consumed in the country), many children are put to work. The situation has been the subject of a recent...
21 July 2017
Germany: Federal Development Ministry and the DGB sign a partnership agreement aimed at reinforcing union organizations in developing countries
Two and a half years after having jointly set up in November 2014 the ‘German alliance for a sustainable textile sector’, which also gathers companies and NGOs together the German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Müller and the president of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) Reiner Hoffmann have decided to go even further. On 19 July they...
18 July 2017
The accident prevention fund, Vision Zero Fund, starts its first African project in Ethiopia
A few days after the G20 summit meeting in Hamburg, where in a landmark move the twenty richest nations made a commitment in their final declaration to promote the implementation of social and environment standards along global supply chains, the first concrete manifestation of this initiative has taken place. At an international conference on 14 July in Ethiopia’s capital Addis-Abeba, Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs officially launched the start of the...
11 July 2017
G20 nations commit to promoting the implementation of social and environmental standards along global supply chains
NGOs have welcomed what is a first for a G20 summit meeting, which this time was held in Germany’s city of Hamburg between 07 and 08 July. In a landmark move, and for the first time ever, the G20 leaders made a commitment in their final declaration to explicitly support the application of recognized international standards in the area of social, environmental, labor, and human rights in global supply chains. The leaders also announced that they were going to take ‘immediate’ ‘efficient’ measures to...
17 May 2017
OECD National Contact Point for France accepts a complaint filed by a US trade union against the Natixis banking group
In an landmark case, US employees at a California-based luxury hotel have filed a complaint against Natixis, the US subsidiary of which, AEW Capital Management, oversees the site in question, although not being directly involved with the management of the actual hotel. The fact that the French OCED National Contact Point (NCP) has accepted the complaint of violation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises sends a strong signal to institutional investors seeking to minimize any reputational risk.
3 May 2017
Guidelines for investors to evaluate workers’ human rights and labor standards
In recognition of International Workers’ Day, on 01 May the Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC)* released its Guidelines for the Evaluation of Workers’ Human Rights and Labor Standards. Produced by a trade union task force, the guidelines are ‘a comprehensive set of key performance indicators for investors to evaluate companies’ performance with regard to labor relations and workers’ rights,’ the CWC press released stated.