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16 March 2007
EU : the European Parliament for more EU involvement in corporate social responsibility
Emphasis on the role of the social partners. While the communication by the European Commission scarcely mentions the social partners, the are not overlooked by the European Parliament which recalls that “ the social dialogue has constituted an effective mean for promoting initiatives on corporate social responsibility and that European works councils have played a constructive role in the implementation of better practices in this area” adding that “it is  a specifically competent approach for the...
8 March 2007
International: the Dutch FNV is worried about the social situation in China
Henk van der Kolk, chairman of the federation of Dutch unions (FNV), the main confederation of trade unions in the Netherlands, announced, on March 5, that direct contacts were taken with the ACFTU (All China Federation of Trade Union,) the only legal union in China. He wants to launch a debate within the International Trade Union Confederation – ITUC – on the necessity of a “jump forward” at the social level in China. (Ref. 070214)
1 March 2007
Inditex: the textile group’s union representatives participate in a series of meetings with the Turkish and Portuguese suppliers
Representatives from the Spanish textile company which owns Zara went to Istanbul and Porto, accompanied by union and sales officers, in order to meet some local officers. They informed their interlocutors that Inditex is planning to reduce the total number of its suppliers, despite the increase in the amount produced, and that the suppliers who respect the code of conduct the best will be favoured in the arbitrations. (Ref. 070188)
28 February 2007
Spain: unions and employers from the textile sector want to promote the CSR together
Unions and employers from the Spanish textile, the Fedecon, constituted a work group with the consumers associations and the NGOs in order to promote social responsibility in the sector. The Setem and Intermon-Oxfam NGOs, very involved in the diffusion of fair trade, have been denouncing for several years the absence of control and guarantee of the workers’ rights throughout the production line. (Ref. 070180)
22 February 2007
Vigeo is presenting a balance sheet of the CSR’s practices in multinational companies
During a conference-debate entitled “social dialogue and corporate social responsibility” organized by l’Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises (Orse,) on February 21, 2007, the representatives from the companies, national and international unions, NGO and researchers, discussed the practice of agreements in terms of the CSR. (Ref. 070165)
18 December 2006
According to the ITUC, the World Bank made a step to promote the labor standards
The international trade-union Confederation (ITUC) informed, on December 15th 2006, that “the president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, announced the Bank’s decision that, in the future, projects funded by it would have to fully respect the core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). (Ref. 061283)