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15 December 2006
Germany : unions and workers’ representatives are little involved in corporate fight against corruption
In 2006, several symbolic companies of the German economy (Siemens, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, etc…) have been hit by notorious corruption scandals. Siemens wins hands down with its nearly 420 billion euros siphoned off into secret funds for payment of bribes in order to win markets abroad. At Volkswagen, the former personnel director, Peter Hartz, financed for years the bank account and escapades of works committee President Klaus Volkert. The revelation of such scandals is partly due to the tightening of...
13 December 2006
EU : the economic and social committee requests a European information gateway on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
International framework-agreements and European works councils. Furthermore, with regard to the promotion by the Commission of the “acceptable work” concept at international level (v. “Promote acceptable work” COM(2006) 249 final, May 2006), the committee “ calls upon partners of European-based multinationals to enrich transnational social dialogue through negotiation of international framework-agreements on CSR. Companies signing such agreements founded on respect of the principles outlined in the...
29 November 2006
Spain: wood industry introduces a guide to CSR for the sector’s firms
The Spanish confederation of wood entrepreneurs (Confemadera) wants to promote a socially and ecologically responsible management. It has just introduced a “Guide for the promotion of social responsibility in Spanish firms of wood and furniture”, to encourage CSR practices in the sector. (Ref. 061200)
6 November 2006
Stora Enso: unions condemn the unworthy reorganization of an European socially responsible firm
In October 2005, the Finnish paper producer group Stora Enso, as part of a European reorganization, decided to stop several machines on the French site of Corbehem, in the Pas-de-Calais. The unions, who will be demonstrating this Tuesday, November 7, in Brussels, blame it for going back on its commitment – to transfer those appliances to a corporate rescuer, which would have allowed saving 300 jobs. (Ref. 061106)
24 October 2006
Luxembourg: a charter for corporate social responsibility
The ” Luxembourg Meeting on corporate social responsibility ” took place on October 20th with the Minister of Employment and Work. It was the occasion to draw an assessment of the initiatives conducted in the last 12 months in terms of social responsibility and sustainable growth. (Ref 061065)
4 August 2006
Tools : agreements on Corporate Social Responsability
We provide our subscribers with all our resources. They are in general related to joint files of our articles. However, to facilitate your research, we also publish “tool” articles gathering of the documents by topic. (Ref. 06787)