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12 February 2008
EU: ETNO and UNI Telecom adopt a statement on social responsibility
During the last sectoral social dialogue committee which took place on December 4, 2007 in Warsaw, European social partners in the telecommunications sector, the ETNO for employers and the UNI Telecom federation for unions adopted a joint statement on corporate social responsibility. The text was published...
7 January 2008
Spain: government and social partners signed a corporate social responsibility agreement
According to the agreement signed by the social dialogue follow-up commission, the government must create a CSR national committee, in which the most representative employers’ and union organizations will be present, as well as NGO and public organizations’ representatives. The text, presented as social partners’ contribution to CSR, sets general principles and a framework to promote and encourage socially responsible practices. (Ref. 080011)
18 October 2007
Netherlands: frozen stock options for managers selling their company
The Dutch parliament decided, on October 17, 2007, to freeze the stock options and social shares belonging to managers of companies listed on the stock market as soon as they become the target of a buyout. This drastic measure was adopted during a debate on the 20 euros million which Rijkman Groenink, ABN Armo’s chair, is going to receive thanks to the sale of his bank. (Ref. 070869)
15 October 2007
Poland: campaign to certify worker friendly companies
The Solidarnosc union launched, on October 15, a national campaign to certify companies favourable to workers, a sort of label granted to companies which respect workers’ rights. The action is sponsored by the president of the Republic. (Ref. 070853)
9 July 2007
EU: unions from the cement sector ask for an efficient enforcement of international framework agreements
During the first world conference on cement, organized on June 22 and 23, 2007 in Portugal by three trade union federations (the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers – EFBWW, the Building and Wood Workers’ International – BWI, and the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mining and General Workers’ Union – ICEM), union representatives discussed the issue of the conclusion and the enforcement of international framework agreements (IFA) within the sector’s...
4 July 2007
Inditex: the textile group wants to assume its global corporate social responsibility
Inditex is taking seriously its role of global company and its social responsibility policy. The textile group, which owns Zara and which recently intervened in favour of the defense of employees’ rights in several conflicts among its suppliers from the third world, just signed an agreement with the Moroccan managers’ association of textile and clothing industries (AMITH). The agreement, named “citizen fiber”, includes a commitment for sustainable development and the respect of...
12 June 2007
Nike: the international trade union federation of textile is showing the American company’s CSR report as an example
According to the international trade union federation representing textile, garment and leather workers (ITGLWF), “Nike’s CSR report is announcing a new role for social audit”. In this report, the company commits to establish a program aiming at guaranteeing freedom of association and at favouring dialogue between union organizations and the management. For the union federation, this new stand attests of the awareness that “the antidote against workers’ exploitation is found in...
11 June 2007
Inditex: the Spanish textile group intervened to guarantee union rights at a Cambodian supplier.
The Spanish textile group Inditex intervened to defend union rights at a Cambodian supplier, notified the Spanish textile federation, Fiteqa-CCOO. The conflict had burst out several months ago, with the dismissal of 30 employees who had just announced the creation of a union in the factories of the Chinese company River Rich, located in the industrial zone of Phnom Penh. The group’s CSR representative directly intervened with the international federation of the workers of the textile (ITGLWF) to obtain their...
30 May 2007
Groupama: a social reporting at the European level was launched
Members of the European works council received, during the March 28, 2007 plenary meeting, “a first glance of the organization of the European subsidiaries regarding a certain number of social rights aspects”. This is launching of a process enabling to understand better each country’s social aspects, also answering to the group joining the United Nations’ world pact. (Ref. 070471)