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16 October 2019
Digital tools : UK start-up ‘predicts’ employee resignations
Oxford-based visual data management start-up, Zegami, has just launched a new tool for employers that will enable them to predict which employees are most likely to resign from their jobs. Called Zegami HR, the platform operates using a tailor-made algorithm developed from work carried out at the Oxford...
28 May 2019
Singapore’s HR Tech boom
Start-ups are increasingly spawning that seek to use AI to revolutionize the world of work. In the densely populated city-State of Singapore (5.6 million living in 722km²), USD 1.4 billion is being invested in this domain that now counts no less than 200 businesses using AI to provide a range of HR solutions. In contrast with the US and Europe where the focus is on new hiring methods, companies in the ‘fully employed’ region of Asia concentrate more on problems related to staff turnover and training.
17 May 2019
China: DingDing, the collaborative platform that manages workers
Few workers in China will be unaware of the existence of DingDing, the application used for organisation and communication within companies. Launched in 2014, the application has grown to become the number one workplace social network in the world. It is mainly used in China, where it has been downloaded more than 400,000 times using the Huawei Store. Amid the 996 scandal (see article n°11113), which has shed a light on the intensive working hours in China’s technology industry, there are ethical questions...
27 March 2019
Germany: HDI looks to artificial intelligence when recruiting and training its senior executives
For about a year, HDI Service AG, part of Germany’s third largest insurance group, Talanx, has been using voice recognition software which can define forty-two different facets of someone’s personality after just a fifteen minute session. HDI uses this tool when recruiting and training its board members as well as senior executives at the two hierarchical levels immediately below the board. Thomas Belker, HDI Service board spokesperson and head of Human of Resources, has personally tested the software and has...
18 March 2019
United Kingdom: app allows employees to get paid when they want
Launched in January 2018, the Wagestream application allows employees to receive a percentage of their earned wages when they want, before their routine pay date. The creators of the application say that, in February 2019, more than 40,000 people in the UK had access to the so-called ‘Get-Paid-As-You-Go’ system. Its aim is to alleviate end-of-the-month stress for workers and to provide support for when they take a financial hit, at a time when monthly payment of wages is commonplace. These are plus points that...
12 March 2019
Siemens: an intelligent learning experience platform that helps employees acquire the competences they will need for tomorrow
What is the impact of digitalization on training and lifelong learning within businesses? How can we identify essential competences several years ahead? How can we learn to learn in the digital age? Working on these types of questions is the daily work of Matthias Reuter, Global Director Learning and Digital Transformation, at Siemens AG. Matthias Reuter explained to Planet Labor to what extent the company has to shorten the time required for developing new competences as well as to alter how learning occurs....
31 January 2019
India : digital tool to facilitate transitioning from the informal to the formal economy ?
According to Indian publication Express Counter from 29 January (here) the BetterPlace startup is in the process of helping a section of the informal economy labor force (especially drivers, cleaning staff, security staff, delivery staff) transition to the formal economy. BetterPlace is proposing a ‘one-stop management solution’ for this particular labor-force segment. “Our products and services solve problems right from sourcing and hiring to training, managing compliances to running payroll and offering...
31 January 2019
Spain : an app that monitors employee working time and that will be able to meet future legal requirements
It won’t be long before every legislative change will have an app that can manage it. Valencia-based company Quiva Software has launched a mobile app that enables companies to monitor remote working time. The app designers hold that the app will enable employers to meet an upcoming legal requirement whereby businesses will have to keep a record of their employee’s start times (c.f. article No. 10894). If the draft legislation is indeed approved data indicating employees’ daily start and finish times will...
29 January 2019
China : a database comprising 202 million CVs freely available online?
Data security specialist firm Intrinsec has revealed that cyber risk research expert, ‘Bob Diachenko had published an article detailing how he had discovered how a database with 854 GB of data had been left open without any encryption in full view via search engine Shodan and not requiring any authorization and that contained in excess of 2020 Chinese citizen job seekers’ CVs.’ The incident is now closed but the data breach left open a great deal of information on these jobseekers, including...
21 January 2019
United States : Alia – the app for independent employers who want to provide domestic cleaning staff with social protection benefits
The National Domestic Workers Alliance, which organizes and advocates for domestic workers has recently launched a portable benefits tool called Alia that can enable domestic cleaning staff to access social protection benefits. Employers can voluntarily contribute at least $5 per month. Workers can redeem paid time off, at $120 per day. Alia also enables employers to subscribe to life assurance, and disability and serious illness cover for their staff.