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12 December 2018
India: growth in HR-tech in full swing
In India, HR technology advances are promising, and notwithstanding the difficulties companies are having in adopting these new advances, start-up companies are busily exploring their potential. As the world gets flatter and homogeneous Generation Ys more prevalent, solutions have become more similar.
7 November 2018
Finland: university thesis examines new technology based recruitment methods
In May 2018, Reija Oksanen at the University of Tampere Faculty of Management presented a Master’s thesis on new technology based recruitment methods that in particular examines those phases in the recruitment process that can use artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the research is to broaden the knowledge base surrounding new technology based recruitment methods and especially AI and to this end it examined how these new methods were being used within Finland’s Human Resource Management (HRM) community....
25 October 2018
Finland: ‘Work in the age of artificial intelligence’ report reassesses human resource management
In May 2017 the Minister of Economic Affairs appointed a steering group to prepare Finland for reaching its goal of becoming a global leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The group has already published two interim reports and its recommendations have been included in government policy. HR professionals are particularly focused on the second report called  ‘Work in the age of artificial intelligence’ that was published in June 2018 and that asks questions about the HR role and activity.
14 November 2017
Italy: the ‘Maternity as a Master’ start-up is now both attracting fathers and looking to expand abroad
While company-based parenting practices are burgeoning, the unusual ‘Maternity as a Master’ (MaaM) training program aims to transpose competences that parents acquire during parenthood over to the workplace. The digital platform that was launched two years ago now include twenty-five Italian client companies (including UniCredit, Poste Italiane, Enel, Luxottica and subsidiaries of various multinationals such as Ikea and Coca-Cola) and approximately 2,000 participants. The MaaM start-up is seeking a capital...