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17 June 2022
Austria: KPMG hands €3,000 pay rise to all employees
From 1 July 2022, all employees of the Austrian business of audit and consulting giant KPMG will see their annual base salaries increase by €3,000. This one-off pay rise – the figure for which is based on full-time employment – will be on top of the regular annual remuneration and bonus process,...
16 June 2022
France: initial assessment of the Sage ‘benevolence programme’ proves positive
In order to prevent psychosocial problems, the human resources management software company is surrounding itself with intermediary support team members (‘relayeurs’). ‘Relayeurs’ are employees who voluntarily offer their colleagues an empathetic ear in complete confidentiality. One year after its implementation, this ‘benevolence programme’ system, is beginning to prove its worth.
13 June 2022
France: Sage opens up remote work to all employees
The French subsidiary of Sage, the provider of business resource planning software, has signed a new agreement on remote working, with the CFTC, CFDT and CFE-CGC trade unions, in order to foster a hybrid working model. Applicable as of 1 June, this agreement now allows all employees to work remotely. It also establishes an upper limit of three days of working remotely per week, but introduces numerous exceptions that allow up to five days of home office per week.
10 June 2022
France: only 26% of employees expect a pay rise in 2022 (ADP survey)
French employees are among the least confident in the world as regards the possibility of getting a pay rise this year, with only a quarter thinking they will do. This proportion – a finding that emerges from the “People at Work 2022” study, conducted in 17 countries on four continents, and published on 10 June by the HR services group ADP – is 20 percentage points lower than the European average and 35 percentage points lower than the international average. Similarly, only 59% of French – and...
10 June 2022
Spain: Telefónica adopts four-day week in exchange for pay cut
Following a trial period that lasted several months, Spain’s leading telecommunications operator Telefónica is to extend the opportunity to work four days per week. The so-called “jornada semanal flexible bonificada” (flexible working week with bonus) will be open to the group’s 18,000 employees in Spain. Under the terms and conditions negotiated with employee representatives, the transition to a four-day week will always be voluntary. Employees that take up the option will see their wages...
9 June 2022
United States: Bonduelle implements inclusive hiring model
Bonduelle Fresh Americas, the US-based subsidiary of French food processing group Bonduelle, has adopted an “inclusive” hiring model with a view to removing “structural barriers to employment” for those who find themselves excluded from the labour market. The approach is a way of broadening its pool of candidates, at a time when there is a shortage of labour in the agri-food sector.
2 June 2022
Germany: Porsche escalates its ‘Porsche Workforce Transformation’ process
Faced with the advancing digitalisation of processes and the switch from combustible to electric power, the German carmaker has to undertake significant retraining for at least 25% of its employees in order to meet these new production conditions. Efforts began two years ago as part of a strategic program called ‘Porsche Workforce Transformation’. Due to span several years, the programme is escalating steadily with notably the recent opening of an internal virtual job market.
20 May 2022
France: “We completely revamped our offices based on the use cases we identified,” Talan HR director Nicolas Recapet (interview)
Amid the rise of remote work, Paris-based IT innovation and transformation consulting group Talan is to relocate to new offices that are more suited to collaborative work and meeting the group’s CSR challenges. Nicolas Recapet, Talan’s group director of organisation and human resources, tells Planet Labor about the objectives that led the company to rethink its workspaces...