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30 September 2022
United Kingdom: Virgin Atlantic makes uniforms gender-neutral
Whether in the flight cabin or on the ground, Virgin Atlantic employees can now choose their uniform “no matter their gender, gender identity or gender expression”, the airline announced on 28 September. Upon unveiling this change to its gender identity policy, the UK airline presented a series...
23 September 2022
Shopify to let staff decide the breakdown of their remuneration
Canadian e-commerce firm Shopify, which has seen its share price plummet 75% in the space of a year, has decided to adjust its remuneration system. The company’s workforce, which stands at 10,000 employees worldwide, will be able to choose how their pay is split between cash and shares. Shopify’s management hopes to restore commitment and motivation among its staff, after announcing on 26 July that it was laying off 10% of its workforce.
21 September 2022
Italy: data from H1 2022 confirms the ‘great resignation’ in what has been a dynamic labour market
More than one million employees resigned their jobs in the first half of 2022, almost 32% more than in the first six months of 2021. On 15 September, monthly jobs data from the INPS Osservatario del Precariato confirmed the Italian-style “Great Resignation” has occurred, which many HR heads had already sensed. The INPS flow data showed that employee resignations (from permanent employment contracts) exceeded 624,000 in the first half of the year, 22% more than in the same period last year, and 28% more...
19 September 2022
France: RATP harnesses apprenticeships in bus driver recruitment push
Amid major difficulties in recruiting bus drivers, the RATP, the state-owned operator of the Paris public transport system, is leveraging co-option and increasing the level of recruitment via apprenticeships. Furthermore, to broaden its pool of candidates, the operator has also decided to lower the age at which people can join its career development path, from 21 at present to 18. This year, out of the 1,500 bus driver positions open for the Ile-de-France network, 800 are yet to be filled.
12 September 2022
France: Generali entrusts remote work organisation to teams
The French business of Italian insurance group Generali has opted to let its teams draw up charters setting out arrangements for remote work, within the boundaries of an agreement that imposes a 40% rate of work in person and one day on site per week. According to Sylvie Peretti, the company’s HR director, who spoke to Planet Labor, this level of autonomy is made possible by the support of managers and the maturity of the teams.
12 September 2022
Italy: ceramics group Lenet trials four-day week without reducing pay
Italy’s Lenet Group, known for the Thun brand and the La Porcellana Bianca kitchenware, is trialling what it calls the “smart week”, a way of organising work that is basically non-existent in Italy. This new way of working, guided by individual agreements, is based around meeting objectives and ensuring flexibility for both workers and the company. It applies to 350 workers who have volunteered for the scheme, out of 1,000 employed by the group. All employees whose roles are compatible with this...
8 September 2022
France: La Poste prepares for the launch of its data and AI school
La Poste Group is getting ready to open the doors of a data and AI school that as of January 2023 will welcome dual work-study students and postal workers looking to change jobs. The dual work-study training will lead to a certification. In addition to its need for skills, La Poste wants to place several key principles at the heart of its project, including ethics, diversity and parity.
7 September 2022
France: ADP leverages employees’ strengths and desires to bolster their commitment
ADP, the payroll services and HR solutions provider, has been applying the so-called “StandOut” method across its operations (58,000 employees in 140 countries, including 2,100 in France) since 2019. The approach harnesses the link between managerial staff and employees, in order to reinforce the commitment and performance of workers. Using a digital platform, the solution consists of asking staff, during a weekly individual interview, what they liked or disliked about their tasks for the week. The...
6 September 2022
Great Britain: NatWest Group breaking the menopause taboo
Since 23 August the UK banking group has made Peppy Health (an online women’s health application) available free of charge to its employees and their partners in a bid to support all those concerned by the menopause. More than 39,000 UK employees now have access to the app, including around 6,400 women aged 45-55.
6 September 2022
Italy: luxury group Valentino signs its first company agreement
Celebrated by the sector’s trade unions that view it as an important step in the development of industrial relations in the fashion industry, the first company agreement signed at Valentino (controlled by the Qatari group Mayhoola) concerns around 2,000 employees. Included in it are a 14th month benefit and measures aimed to improve work-life balance. 100% pay for the first month of maternity or parental leave Benefit of a 14th month for all employees Possibility of 10 days of teleworking per month
5 September 2022
Great Britain: positive results for the 4-day week at Atom Bank
At the end of August and following several months during which 4-day working week has been trialled, the app-based online bank operating in the northeast of England has concluded that the introduction of the shorter shortened week has been ‘overwhelmingly positive.’ Since 10 November staff at the bank have been able to work 34 hours over 4 days (c.f. article No.12809). Thanks to this new work organization, recruiting and retaining employees is easier, says the bank, which has also reported no negative impact....
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