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4 October 2019
How Valeo has rolled out a gender equality index worldwide
The French automotive supplier made use of the equality index* that French companies are required to calculate on an annual basis as of this year, with the aim of achieving perfect gender pay equality within in three years (see article n°10909). In March, when France’s equality index was published, Valeo...
4 October 2019
Great Britain : large firms reach 30% target for women on boards
For the first time, the boards of companies listed on the FTSE 350 stock market index have reached a 30% level of female representation. “This is an incredible milestone on the journey towards greater diversity,” said Brenda Trenowden, global co-chair of the campaign group the 30% Club, which has been...
24 September 2019
Argentina: navigating HR policies within an extremely unstable economic context
Against the backdrop of instability born of an economic crisis in full swing and a political landscape undergoing profound change what challenges are facing Argentina’s human resources sector? Digital transitioning, gender parity, training, and social partner dialogue for instance, are all priorities common to many other economies. However one detail dominates in Argentina and that is the fact that since 2018 the country has been in recession and for several years has had to cope with both runaway inflation (55%...
13 September 2019
United Kingdom : parental leave of 20 weeks with full pay for all Hachette employees, to encourage new fathers to take time off
Hachette UK, subsidiary of Hachette Livre and the second-largest publishing group in the UK, is granting new mothers and fathers within its company identical rights to parental leave – 20 weeks of leave with 100% of pay, which they can take in one or multiple blocks. The decision follows on from the work of the Gender Balance Network, which was set up at the group. In the UK, the system of ‘shared parental leave’ allows parents to share a leave period of 50 weeks following the birth of a child (see article...
13 September 2019
Hungary: two studies confirm heightened rate of pay rises among manual workers and managers
According to a study conducted by recruitment company Trenkwalder, based on the pay data of some 7,000 job candidates, the average gross hourly wage of manual and trained manual workers increased by more than 16% in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2018. In the second quarter of 2018, the rise was only 14% compared to 2017. The average gross hourly wage of manual and trained manual workers was HUF 1,165 (€3.50) in the second quarter. The average hourly wage is well above HUF 1,100...
10 September 2019
Kering puts 14-week paternity (and partner) leave in place for all staff globally
With this commitment the French luxury goods brand is standing as a legal ethical pioneer. In a press statement on 10 September, Kering stated that from 01 January 2020, ‘all Group employees globally (Ed. note, 35,000 staff), irrespective of the employee’s personal circumstances or geographic location and during the six months following birth or adoption will be able to take up a minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity, paternity, adoption or partner leave on full pay by way of its Baby Leave extension to its...
27 August 2019
Google sets out new guidelines to prevent political debates within the workplace
On 23 August, Google updated its Community Guidelines, a company policy designed to govern internal interaction between employees. Having been faced in recent months with a new form of social activism harnessing both internal and external communications, the Californian tech giant says it wants to strike a balance between right of employees to speak up , which is something it encourages, and individual responsibility, while banning political debates. Indeed, for several months, Google employees have been coming...
6 June 2019
Orange Business Services: a lab to observe HR innovation across the world
The HR Innovation Lab recently launched by Orange Business Services is a mix between a think tank and a laboratory, intended as a venue for observing developments beyond the company, not only in France but also abroad, in the area of new human resource practices, as well as technology and the impact on workers. In keeping with the operations of Orange Business Services, a division of the Orange group providing IT and telecommunications services to companies in France and across the world, the lab also provides an...
6 June 2019
Telefónica: cross-cutting digital transformation
Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, which is present in 24 countries and employs more than 120,000 people across the world, spoke to Planet Labor about its digitalisation ambitions and the measures required to make these a reality. The push includes a comprehensive policy involving all its services, with the aim of increasing efficiency and cutting costs.
3 June 2019
Great Britain: companies going wild for dogs
21 June is ‘Bring your dog to work day’ and man’s best friend has definitely found its place in the UK workplace. Already a quarter of UK companies have adopted a dog-friendly policy and another 28% hope to instigate one. Both known for their calming effects and upbeat demeanor, advocates consider canines to be ‘super-work colleagues’ as well as being a key advantage when hiring millennial candidates.
23 May 2019
Italy: collective negotiations are starting to introduce the right to disconnect from work
In Italy there is a longstanding tradition of overlooking the right to disconnect from work and the right does not feature in overall labor regulation. It does however feature in the law that frames smart working (c.f. articles No. 10206 and No. 10886), by which is meant working outside of company premises for one to two days per week. An increasing prevalence of agile work and the growth of technologies enabling remote working has spurred Italy’s social partners to address the ‘disconnect’ topic, and ahead...
17 May 2019
Germany: at SAP job sharing is possible at all hierarchical levels from basic employee right up to senior executive
Since the start of 2018 all senior managerial positions at Germany’s multinational software corporation SAP have in principle been available for job sharing and flexible working opportunities. Since March 2019, SAP has gone one step further so that now all work positions at the company will be able to be shared between two workers operating in tandem, so what had formerly been an option at SAP has now become a right. Cawa Younosi, HR Head at SAP Deutschland and SAP SE in Germany is renowned for his revolutionary...