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22 October 2019
United States : Intel chooses the transparency route and will release employee pay data broken down by race and gender
After a Bloomberg report on 17 October (here), Intel Corp has said that later this year it will publicly release the employee pay data that it sends to the US authorities, which is broken down by race and gender. Longtime a target of criticism, in 2018 Intel announced not only had it achieved its goal of raising minority ethnic representation levels within its workforce, but that it had done so two years ahead of time. The group also announced it was bolstering its female employee retention programs (via mentoring...
21 October 2019
Work-life balance and professional equality : two new indexes
New indexes concerning professional equality and work-life balance are now accessible. On 11 October, the European Institute for Gender Equality published its 2019 index on gender equality and work-life balance across the European Union, meanwhile the OECD published its Better Life Index, which looks at work-life balance on a global scale. The data examined covers the working world as well as access to healthcare and accommodation. Planet Labor looks closely at two indicators, concerning work in particular.
4 October 2019
How Valeo has rolled out a gender equality index worldwide
The French automotive supplier made use of the equality index* that French companies are required to calculate on an annual basis as of this year, with the aim of achieving perfect gender pay equality within in three years (see article n°10909). In March, when France’s equality index was published, Valeo announced plans to extend it to all countries where it operates. Bruno Guillemet, the group’s human resources director, shares with Planet Labor the results yielded by this indicator, after its application on...
4 October 2019
Great Britain : large firms reach 30% target for women on boards
For the first time, the boards of companies listed on the FTSE 350 stock market index have reached a 30% level of female representation. “This is an incredible milestone on the journey towards greater diversity,” said Brenda Trenowden, global co-chair of the campaign group the 30% Club, which has been fighting for this cause and published the figures on 3 October. She added: “We have seen senior leadership amongst the world’s largest companies evolve for the better, lifting gender representation from a...
2 October 2019
Germany: new online tool to help companies improve their work-life balance policies
How much does my company really help staff balance their work and private lives? To help companies answer this question as accurately as possible, Germany’s Families Minister, in collaboration with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), and the Association of Human Resources Managers (BPM), has developed a Work-Life balance index (Fortschrittsindex Vereinbarkeit). Launched on 27 September during the ‘Family – a success factor’ congress held in Berlin, this new online tool...
13 September 2019
United Kingdom : parental leave of 20 weeks with full pay for all Hachette employees, to encourage new fathers to take time off
Hachette UK, subsidiary of Hachette Livre and the second-largest publishing group in the UK, is granting new mothers and fathers within its company identical rights to parental leave – 20 weeks of leave with 100% of pay, which they can take in one or multiple blocks. The decision follows on from the work of the Gender Balance Network, which was set up at the group. In the UK, the system of ‘shared parental leave’ allows parents to share a leave period of 50 weeks following the birth of a child (see article...
10 September 2019
Kering puts 14-week paternity (and partner) leave in place for all staff globally
With this commitment the French luxury goods brand is standing as a legal ethical pioneer. In a press statement on 10 September, Kering stated that from 01 January 2020, ‘all Group employees globally (Ed. note, 35,000 staff), irrespective of the employee’s personal circumstances or geographic location and during the six months following birth or adoption will be able to take up a minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity, paternity, adoption or partner leave on full pay by way of its Baby Leave extension to its...
15 April 2019
India: big companies push for more inclusive work environments for LGBT people
Several large Indian companies are trying to shift trends in the corporate world in favour of workplace equality. There are more and more examples of diversity and inclusion policies, for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), that have been put in place and the movement appears to have built up momentum since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in September 2018.
30 November 2017
Aviva: the UK insurer puts parental leave in place for second parents in five countries
Going forward, second parents employed by Aviva and currently working in France, the UK, Ireland, Canada and Singapore can, upon the birth or adoption of their child/children, benefit from real parental leave, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or the date they became Aviva employees. Full paid leave for ‘the other’ parents has been set at 10 weeks in France, 26 weeks in the UK, 12 weeks in Canada, 18 weeks in Ireland, and 16 weeks in Singapore. Anne-Sophie Curet, Chief peoples officer, Aviva...