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30 September 2022
United Kingdom: Virgin Atlantic makes uniforms gender-neutral
Whether in the flight cabin or on the ground, Virgin Atlantic employees can now choose their uniform “no matter their gender, gender identity or gender expression”, the airline announced on 28 September. Upon unveiling this change to its gender identity policy, the UK airline presented a series...
13 July 2022
Brazil: C6 Bank recognized for its comprehensive LGBT+ inclusion policy
Since its inception in 2019, the Brazilian online bank, C6 Bank, has been implementing a comprehensive policy promoting the inclusion of the LGBT+ community, all the way from HR management through to its customer offering. Its proactive approach has enabled this 3,000-strong start-up financial enterprise to rank among the top companies in Brazil in terms of LGBT+ inclusion, according to the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) criteria.
22 June 2022
Diversity and inclusion: age and racism seen as the primary causes of discrimination in companies
Discrimination in the world of work continues to be widespread. Thus the findings of a report by the Cegos Observatory* in April 2022, covering seven countries (Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom), and surveying 420 human resources professionals plus 4,007 employees. Deploying an effective diversity & inclusion (D&I) policy remains a key challenge for HR managers, and all the more so given that 84% of the employees surveyed saw a company’s commitment to D&I as a...
19 May 2022
Customer relations firm Critizr provides employees with menstrual and miscarriage leave
French customer relations company Critizr has decided to grant a specific leave period to females based in five different countries who have undergone a miscarriage. Employees whose partners have similarly suffered will also be entitled to leave. Furthermore, females will be able to benefit from one to two days per month of menstrual leave. In this way the company is seeking to be at the vanguard in terms of “future social developments” and to anticipate potential regulatory developments.
20 April 2022
Canada: National Bank is recruiting neurodivergent professionals to its data science teams
Convinced that neurodiversity allows companies “to access unique skills and ways of thinking,” the National Bank of Canada has implemented a tailored recruitment process in collaboration with EY Canada (consulting and financial services) to attract neurodivergent professionals to its data engineering analyst and data scientist teams. The process is based on greater communication with the candidate and a detailed explanation of the steps involved. “We are proud to offer candidates who identify as...
19 April 2022
Great Britain: Virgin Media 02 will fund gender transition treatment for its employees
On 13 April the recently merged UK telecommunications giant unveiled new commitments to improve inclusion and gender equality within the group over the next five years. The group’s ‘All In’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy is the first since the merger between Virgin media and O2 in 2021 and includes company funding for gender transition treatment for its transgender and non-binary employees.
31 March 2022
France: the Saint-Gobain national ‘Agir Durablement’ programme relies on employee engagement to strengthen diversity and inclusion
In spring 2021 the French multinational building materials group launched its ‘Agir Durablement’ (Act Sustainably) programme, which enables its 38,000 employees in France to get involved in sustainability-linked projects, green mobility, renewal energy and, since November 2021, diversity and inclusion (disability, gender equality, social inclusion, LGBTQ +). In this way the company is demonstrating its determination to ‘respond to the changes of its time’ as it gears up to recruit 7,500 people in 2022.
18 March 2022
Great Britain: diversity representation is improving in FTSE 100 company boards of directors
Unveiled on 16 March, the results of the latest Parker Review survey found that as of December 2021, 89 of the 100 companies in the FTSE 100 blue-chip stock market index had at least one person from an ethnic minority on their board of directors (BoD). Between then and now, five more groups have appointed board members, so that today 94 companies have at least one member of a diversity cohort on their board.
9 March 2022
Stellantis creates an international network of women to improve female representation in the company
On 08 March, International Women’s Day, the multinational automaker announced the launch of ‘Women of Stellantis’, an international network of women designed to support the company’s diversity and inclusion journey. This newly formed business resource group represents and supports nearly 3,000 members in 26 countries. “When diversity and inclusion is integrated across all corporate levels, it not only strengthens performance and fuels innovative product development but is also critical to...
23 February 2022
India: Tata Steel augments its transgender employee base
On 21 February, Indian steel giant Tata Steel announced it has recruited 12 transgender crane operator apprentices at its Kalinganagar plant in the western state of Gujarat. The apprentices will undergo a one-year training course before being able to commence work as crane operators. The hiring of these twelve apprentices is part of the group’s broader LGBTQ+ inclusion policy. Already in December 2021, Tata Steel hired 14 earth-moving machine operators exclusively from the transgender community for mining...