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22 October 2021
United States: large firms introduce vaccine requirements for staff
In September, US President Joe Biden demanded that companies employing more than 100 people introduce coronavirus vaccine requirements for their staff. Though details of the plan are yet to be published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the management at General Electric has already taken...
21 October 2021
German CIB Group introduces four-day working week
Since 06 September, the digital solutions company CIB has switched over to a four-day working week with shortened weekly hours (36 instead of 40 previously), Thursday nights off, and the digital disconnection of all employees on the last three days of the week. The new work organization applies to the company’s headquarters in Munich and its six other locations spread across Germany, Austria and Spain.
20 October 2021
France: salaries are a central concern for HRDirectors
In an environment of pressure on purchasing power and manpower shortages across certain professions, the question of salaries is becoming a major concern for companies. According to a survey conducted by the ANDRH*, nearly half of the sector’s professionals are looking to change their compensation policies in the months ahead. However, the association also warns that excessive salary increases could eventually threaten employment.
19 October 2021
Amazon allowing mid-level managers to choose how they organise their team’s mix between remote and office working
In a message addressing Amazon’s one million employees worldwide and released by the company, CEO Andy Jassy announced a return to the office for all employees by January 2022, nearly two years after the Covid-19 crisis began. In the message the CEO says that initially he had wanted a minimum presence for all employees of three days on site per week. However, he notes, “there is no one-size-fits-all approach for how every team works best,” and it is still a stage “of experimenting, learning, and...
14 October 2021
Germany: Vodafone employees can now work wherever they want
Since 01 October 2021, all Vodafone Germany  employees are free to decide where they want to work, be it at the office, at home, or in a café. They can even work for up to 20 days a year in another EU country. Weekly remote working quotas have been abolished. In addition, a series of measures have been taken to protect the health of employees working remotely and to train managers in the challenges of ‘remote leadership’. Vodafone’s ‘Full Flex Office’ program was developed jointly by management and the...
14 October 2021
Spain: El Corte Inglés offers training  to staff in the appropriate approach when engaging with people with disabilities
On 05 October, Spain’s department store chain El Corte Inglés announced that going forward all of its almost 81,000 employees worldwide would receive training on the best practices to adopt when interacting with people (customers and colleagues) with disabilities. This initiative comes eleven months after the signing of a framework agreement in November 2020 with the ONCE Foundation, which specializes in employing people with disabilities. ‘The aim of this training is so that we all know how to make their...
13 October 2021
Great Britain: Arup employees allowed to split their working time over all 7 days in the week
Since 20 May, London-based professional services group Arup, which employs 6,000 people in the United Kingdom, has been implementing a flexible work organization model that supplants the traditional 5-day working week and allows employees to divide their working hours between Monday and Sunday according to how they see fit. This system has been acclaimed by employees, who believe it provides a better balance in their daily lives.
11 October 2021
Spain: Desigual employees approve shift to four-day week
On 7 October, employees of Spanish fashion company Desigual voted in favour of working only four days per week. The firm’s staff will transition from 39.5 hours per week to 34 and will either have Fridays or Mondays off. With this 13% reduction in working hours, Desigual employees will be paid 6.5% less, after the management announced that it woulds cover half the shortfall.
8 October 2021
Ireland: 4-day working week to be tested by companies
Starting in February 2022, Irish employers will introduce a four-day working week on a trial basis for a period of six months. The pilot programme was devised by the lobby group Four Day Week Ireland.* The group announced on 06 October that 17 companies had already decided to take part in the pilot. The Irish government has supported the concept by providing €150,000 to fund a research study on the social, economic and ecological impact of a reduced working week.
6 October 2021
US: PwC offers full-time remote work to almost all of its US workforce
On 01 October the UK consulting giant announced it would be allowing all its 40,000 US client-facing staff to work 100% remotely, and from anywhere within continental USA. Prior to this launch the group had implemented full-time remote working for 7,000 of its US staff, who were working primarily in the HR and legal departments. Only employees who cannot work outside the office, such as those in the IT department, will be excluded from this ground-breaking policy for the time being.
5 October 2021
Germany: pharmaceutical company Roche launches a pilot project promoting equal opportunities for parents
In order to help employees with young children reconcile work and family life, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche has set up a new programme in Germany called ‘Das Elternplus’ (The Parents’ Plus). Going forward Roche will provide financial support to parents who decide to work part-time for at least 12 months during the first four years of their child’s life. They will receive a one-off bonus of between €10,000 and €15,000. This offer also applies if only one parent is employed by Roche in...