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21 March 2008
Corporate practices: Alboy’s plan for seniors
The Finnish company Alboy is a subsidiary of the group ASSA Alboy, the world leader in the locksmith’s trade. The main factory employs 840 people and makes mechanical locks. It is on this plant that the company launched, in 2005, its Ikämestarit program (Age Masters) to deal with the factory’s...
8 November 2007
Renault : towards a world profit-sharing plan for all employees
During the next meeting of the Renault group’s committee bureau (CGR), staff representatives will talk about the progress of the negotiations of the next profit-sharing agreement which should plan a gradual extension of financial participation of employees from French subsidiaries, and then from...
13 March 2007
Axa: the insurance group is preparing a global plan of free shares for employees
The French insurance group promised, on February 22, 2007, during the presentation of its 2006 results, to give out shares to the group’s employees throughout the world. This decision fulfils a request the European WC made in November. The council, which met on March 8 in Cologne (Germany), worked on the setting up of the issuing plan. (Ref. 070231)
9 March 2007
Arcelor-Mittal: the group is federating around health and security at work values
Arcelor Mittal organized, on March 6, its international day devoted to health and security at work. Identified by Arcelor and Mittal as a common value, this question appeared as a good gathering platform on the occasion of the fusion. For the former Arcelor, it is the second edition of a day which intends to become annual. (Ref. 070217)
20 December 2006
Germany: companies begin to promote diversity
After the French and Belgian companies (see story n° 0672), it is now German companies’ turn to promote diversity. DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche British Petrol and Deutsche Telekom have opened the way by adopting, on December 13, 2006, in Berlin, a “Diversity Charter”. (Réf. 061282)
7 December 2006
Bouygues: group adopts an ethical code and a mechanism of alert
The French group Bouygues has just adopted its first ethical code which notably sets up a mechanism of ethical alert regarding corruption and irregular accounting. This mechanism does not concern the social field, which is however included in the guide. (Ref. 061236)
7 December 2006
Spain: PSA plant in Madrid gets involved for the professional reintegration of ill-treated women
The PSA site in Villaverde, in the periphery of Madrid, signed on November 23rd an agreement with the Council for women and employment of the Madrid region, to promote equal opportunities between men and women within the firm. According to this agreement, the site gets particularly involved in the professional reintegration of women victims of conjugal violence acts. (Ref. 061237)
14 September 2006
McDonald’s launches «McPassport» to promote workers’ mobility
Upon request, the number one fast food chain in Europe will provide all employees with an “official certificate of professional competences”. McDonald’s wants to ease its employees’ mobility throughout Europe. 2006 is the European Year of Workers’ Mobility. (Ref.06895)
1 August 2006
BNP Paribas: employees own 5% of the bank’s capital
55.800 employees of BNP Paribas in 71 countries subscribed to the increase in capital which was reserved for them, for a total amount of 282,5 million euros. Following this operation, employees own more than 5% of the company’s capital . (Ref. 06777)
8 June 2006
EADS postpones an employee shareholding operation
According to the Financial Times Deutschland (7-06), the European group of aircraft and defense EADS decided to postpone an employee shareholding operation which was to take place between 5 and 23 June, for the 120000 employees of the group. (Ref. 06578)