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3 June 2008
Lafarge: safety month in all the sites of the group
The French group Lafarge (90.000 employees), world leader in construction materials, will organize, in June, a “safety month” in 76 countries where the group is present. At every site, “one or more days will be devoted to safety awareness programs and training, for the Group’s employees, as well as their families, subcontractors and local communities.” (Ref. 080457)
2 June 2008
Corporate practices : the German group Henkel boosts and internationalizes its corporate diversity management policy
Henkel illustrates the human diversity policy of the group at its site in Vienna. There, the firm has set up its headquarters for Austria and the east European countries. 10.000 people of 33 different nationalities are located there. In 2007 there were around 120 employee transfers between the national subsidiaries and the Austrian location. On every occasion it is necessary to integrate the newcomer and prepare the teams for his/her welcome. For the company, such heterogeneity can therefore be as much a force as...
29 April 2008
Corporate Practices : R8 “Silver Line” project and “Demographic concept” at Audi
In 2006, 54.44% of Audi’s staff was older than 39 and 16.98% over 50. In 2012, 1/3 of employees in the production division will be older than 50. At the same time, retirement age was brought up to 67. In this context, the company is already getting ready to work with older employees. In its “Silver Line” project, the car manufacturer is experimenting, in a flow line, working conditions to enable these seniors to keep working with a high level of productivity. (Ref. 080351)
29 April 2008
Corporate practices: seniors’ employment in the Swedish company Scania
2007 was a record year in terms of sales for the group Scania, one of the jewels of the Swedish industry (84.5 million Swedish crowns, i.e. almost 9 million euro in sales). After Neste Oil (see our article No. 080252), Alboy (see our article No. 080314) and Audi (see our article No. 080351), this fourth article dedicated to corporate practices regarding important HR issues mentions the example of Scania, which results in terms of seniors’ employment come less from a specific employment policy than from a...
1 April 2008
Corporate pratices : gender equality in the Finnish Neste Oil Company
Neste Oil, an oil company listed on the stock market which made more than €12 billion in sales in 2007, is the first Finnish private company to win the equality prize, awarded every year to a model public or private company in this field. On December 31, 2007, it employed 4.810 people, of which more than 3.600 work in Finland, mostly in the refining industry, gas supply, and specialized production such as biofuels. This article is the first of a series dedicated to corporate practices regarding HR important...
21 March 2008
Corporate practices: Alboy’s plan for seniors
The Finnish company Alboy is a subsidiary of the group ASSA Alboy, the world leader in the locksmith’s trade. The main factory employs 840 people and makes mechanical locks. It is on this plant that the company launched, in 2005, its Ikämestarit program (Age Masters) to deal with the factory’s age structure, improve seniors’ well-being and facilitate knowledge exchange between employees. After Neste Oil and gender equality (see our article No. 080252), this article is the second of a series...
8 November 2007
Renault : towards a world profit-sharing plan for all employees
During the next meeting of the Renault group’s committee bureau (CGR), staff representatives will talk about the progress of the negotiations of the next profit-sharing agreement which should plan a gradual extension of financial participation of employees from French subsidiaries, and then from foreign subsidiaries. (Ref. 070920)
22 June 2007
Thomson: free share handing out to the group’s employees
The French group Thomson decided, on June 21, 2007, to carry out a free distribution of shares in favour of all of Thomson’s employees on June 1, 2007, as well as employees from its involved companies held by over 50% in France and 22 countries, 9 of which are in Europe. (Ref. 070555)
13 March 2007
Axa: the insurance group is preparing a global plan of free shares for employees
The French insurance group promised, on February 22, 2007, during the presentation of its 2006 results, to give out shares to the group’s employees throughout the world. This decision fulfils a request the European WC made in November. The council, which met on March 8 in Cologne (Germany), worked on the setting up of the issuing plan. (Ref. 070231)
9 March 2007
Arcelor-Mittal: the group is federating around health and security at work values
Arcelor Mittal organized, on March 6, its international day devoted to health and security at work. Identified by Arcelor and Mittal as a common value, this question appeared as a good gathering platform on the occasion of the fusion. For the former Arcelor, it is the second edition of a day which intends to become annual. (Ref. 070217)