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2 November 2021
Great Britain: more than half of HR professionals trained during the pandemic (survey report)
According to the annual People Profession 2021 survey report, conducted by the professional body for HR and people development, the CIPD, 50% of UK HR professionals have upskilled in the last 12 months by undertaking training to better meet the challenges of the pandemic. A further 11% have had to reskill, meaning that a total of 61% of HR professionals have undertaken training during this crisis period. Finally, almost all of the approximately 1,500 people interviewed – working either in companies or as...
4 June 2020
Germany: ‘internal crowd-working’ study and the implications for company structures
The Hans Böckler Trade Foundation (German Federation of Trade Unions – DGB) has presented its first study on the phenomenon of ‘internal crowd work’ and its implications for both work organization and human resources management. The study is based on several elements including multiple company case studies from the automotive, telecoms, and IT sectors. In addition to the different variants and principles of ‘crowd work’, the study’s authors highlight the enormous advantages that ‘crowd work’...
25 May 2020
United Kingdom: ‘soft skills’ reference framework launched for employers
Identifying and assessing the interpersonal skills of workers and other skills that are not specifically related to their qualifications is a recurring issue. To address this and showcase the importance of so-called soft skills, a taskforce that includes the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as well as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) published the Skills Builder Universal Framework, a new online evaluation system, on 20 May. The aim of the initiative is to provide employers with a...
2 March 2020
Bosch to provide artificial intelligence training to 20,000 employees
During the Bosch Connected World 2020 conference, held between 19 and 20 February in Berlin, Germany’s leading automobile equipment manufacturer and its chief executive Volkmar Denner announced that the company is about to launch a huge artificial intelligence training programme, to be take by 20,000 staff members by 2022. Last week, meanwhile, Bosch unveiled its new code of conduct – Codex KI – which clarifies and regulates the use of AI technology, both internally and externally. Planet Labor sets out the...
13 January 2020
Business practices: how high-tech firm Thales is upping the pace of educational innovation and the ‘marketing’ of solutions that better meet the needs of professions and employees
More than 18 months ago Jean-Roch Houllier, director of educational innovation at the Thales Learning Hub, established a structure geared towards helping his company’s training system meet new demands and “above all remain at the hub of an arena that has become considerably more complex with the arrival of new players”, which has led to a kind of “uberisation” of training....
24 October 2019
Germany : Trumpf launches a training project where digital ‘multipliers’ support SMEs to meet the challenges of digital transformation
With funding from the Baden-Wurtemberg Economic Ministry, and created by German company Trumpf, one of the global leaders in industrial laser manufacturing, F4DIA (Fit for digitized world of work) is a project designed to train ‘digital revolution’ ‘multipliers’ so as to support SMEs as they face the complex digital transformation process that is occurring in the world of work,...
6 June 2019
Telefónica: cross-cutting digital transformation
Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, which is present in 24 countries and employs more than 120,000 people across the world, spoke to Planet Labor about its digitalisation ambitions and the measures required to make these a reality. The push includes a comprehensive policy involving all its services, with the aim of increasing efficiency and cutting costs.
18 April 2019
HR practices: French insurer MAIF immerses its whole social structure into digital transformation
Like others in the insurance industry, French insurance company Maif (7,500 employees) is facing a thorough overhaul of its entire business, not least with the arrival of insurtech startups, and as such since 2015 it has positioned digital transformation as a key priority. Established in 1934 this mutual insurance company is however taking on the digital challenge in a way that respects its core values of placing ‘humans at the heart of transformations’. Maif is departing from what can be termed as the...
21 March 2019
Bosch continues to deploy its ‘Learning Company’ concept
In line with the rest of the industrial world, Germany’s largest auto-parts manufacturer, Bosch (400,000 employees), is having to deal with enormous challenges that must be met, or else risk the company falling behind, or failing entirely. These challenges stem from technological and organizational changes that are revolutionizing how learning and knowledge is managed. In order to meet these challenges Bosch is looking to transform itself into a ‘Learning Company’. Launched in 2015/2016, the Learning Company...
12 March 2019
Siemens: an intelligent learning experience platform that helps employees acquire the competences they will need for tomorrow
What is the impact of digitalization on training and lifelong learning within businesses? How can we identify essential competences several years ahead? How can we learn to learn in the digital age? Working on these types of questions is the daily work of Matthias Reuter, Global Director Learning and Digital Transformation, at Siemens AG. Matthias Reuter explained to Planet Labor to what extent the company has to shorten the time required for developing new competences as well as to alter how learning occurs....