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22 July 2013
Spain: recent trends in corporate volunteering
Corporate volunteering is not new. Traditionally, it has been conceived as a Corporate Social Responsibility practice. However, businesses are progressively integrating employee community involvement into business strategy. In particular, there seems to be a strong case for linking employee volunteering to...
17 July 2013
Renault: HR agencies for employee-customers
Renault made a small revolution at the end of 2011 in the HR organization of its engineering and service undertakings in the Paris area (16,900 employees).  Employees and managers used to complain that local HR representatives weren’t available enough and took too long to answer flowing questions on all types of subjects, or even avoided the task by sending them a generic email or to the intranet.  In the end, this saturation led the new HR manager, Marie-Françoise Damesin, to rethink the HR function focusing on two axes: one for business and one for workers.  That’s when the idea of HR agencies arrived, a sort of inner “help...
16 May 2013
Corporate practices: Mapfre’s talent management program uses international benchmarking to develop innovation
Since 1984, MAPFRE, the leading insurance company in Spain, has been steadily expanding its business at the worldwide scale. In response to this internationalization process, the company agreed to implement the “International Management Development Program” in 2009, with the objective of boosting international development, training, talent retention and mobility among MAPFRE’s managers. Focused on innovation, this training program also helps circulate good practices.  (Ref.  130325)
14 May 2013
Great Britain: more and more businesses provide their employees with vocational qualifications
The major high street retailer, the John Lewis Partnership, has announced plans to establish a ‘University of John Lewis’ as part of its expanding range of internal vocational qualifications for staff. The brand will pilot its first Level 6 vocational qualification – equivalent to a university honours degree – by the end of 2013.  British businesses are increasingly developing training paths allowing their staff to get a degree that is externally recognised.  (Ref.  130315)
23 April 2013
Faurecia banks on career development for employees with key positions to ensure business success
The French automotive group Faurecia decided to implement the “supervisors and UAP managers program” in 2010, as part of its Excellence System. Unlike a program aimed at “high potentials”, the firm strategically opted for a career development program aimed at “key positions” to ensure the high performance needed in these jobs. The roles of supervisors and UAP managers are crucial for Faurecia; these positions are tightly linked to the success of the business. In Spain, this program received the most...
27 March 2013
Europe: serious games and mobile learning on the rise in vocational training
The latest survey of the Cegos Observatory on widespread vocational training practices in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy, published on March 27, shows that e-learning is on increasing, especially serious games and mobile learning. It also points to differences in the countries as regards the involvement of managers. (Ref. 130206)
27 March 2013
Corporate practices: BSH Spain commits to pushing local young talent into the international arena
The Spanish subsidiary of the Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH) is determined to identify promising recent graduates at the local level and to expand their skills and competencies for an international-scale career boost within the German Group. For this to be realized, the company has implemented the “Spanish Trainee Program” aiming to prepare these identified talents and give them their best chance of being spotted and taking part in the group’s highly selective International Trainee...
6 March 2013
Great Britain: lists new HR jobs
The information website, people management, recently published a list of new HR jobs no one had heard about 10 years ago which are now appealing to new employees. There is also a list of jobs that will become popular within a few years. Robert Jeffery, senior editor at people management, agreed to comment these lists for Planet Labor. (Ref. 130155)
1 March 2013
Great Britain: employers are increasingly putting the responsibility of bearing training and employability costs on individual employees
The spread of the concept of employability, where defined as the individual employee’s responsibility for possessing the skills, knowledge, abilities and experience for gaining and maintaining employment, has taken a recent and significant turn in the case of EasyJet, the airline. EasyJet has taken the step to place the cost of what it takes to have employability increasingly on...
28 January 2013
Corporate practices: Seat among the first to implement the dual training system
Seat, the Spanish car brand and a Volkswagen subsidiary, founded its Apprentice School back in 1957. Since then, this three-year apprenticeship vocational school has been operating uninterruptedly in accordance with the traditional Spanish vocational system. However, the latest labor reform (Decree Law 3/2012) has allowed the company to adapt their school to the dual training system, which was not legally possible before this law entered into force. Seat tells Planet Labor about this major change in their...
The German apprenticeship system out to take on the world
3 January 2013
Corporate practices: Acciona Corporate University innovates and changes learning and training provision
Acciona, a Spanish multinational leader in renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and water treatment, relies on an innovative corporate university as part of its talent management policies. Recently, the technical training schools of Acciona Corporate University received the Innovation in Human Resources award from Spain’s annual “Entrepreneurs & Employment” convention. Coinciding with this award, Planet Labor interviews Acciona on its current training model and future plans. (Ref....