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6 December 2011
Corporate practices: ING DiBa, the German direct bank, is training apprentices over 50
A second chance for seniors.  “I am proud of myself.  I was able to prove that, unlike what people think, you can learn new things no matter how old you are.”  Christa Louis is one of the 20 apprentices over 50 who did work-study training as “Specialist in Dialogue Marketing” (Servicefachkraft für Dialogmarketing) at the ING DiBa bank.  This former supermarket cashier started training at 52 after trying, in vain, for 9 months, to find a job in Germany after she spent 5 years in new Zealand. ...
14 October 2011
Denmark: first report on HR practices in multinationals in Denmark
HR policies.  Most multinationals involved with the survey are European (46% Scandinavian) and 16% American.  Two thirds claim they have an “International HR unit” with a cross-border coordination system for managers.  Generally speaking, HR policy is determined at the level of the multinational’s headquarters and then sent out to the subsidiaries.  The researchers point out that Danish subsidiaries are highly free to make decisions as regards communication, participation and employee representation, but...
14 October 2010
Germany: first representative study to look at measures increasing older workers’ productivity
German lab.  Since demographic ageing is more significant in Germany than for its neighbors, the businesses of the top European economy have become true labs on the employment of older workers.  Indeed, there is a wide variety of studies, not only on the number of older workers but also on the number of businesses applying measures to maintain employees’ working capacities and the company’s productivity. Thus, the ZEW’s researchers, Christian Göbel and Thomas Zwick, authors of the study entitled “Which...
4 March 2010
Companies: 5th Hewitt Associates report for the European Club for Human Resources shows gradual return to investment into human capital in 2010
Management of the crisis and post recession measures. Leonardo Sforza, head of EU affairs and research at Hewitt Associates and author of the study, thinks 2010 will be a transition year. He said that, “2009 was a year of fighting to safeguard the workforce, and 2010 will have more balance between measures to maintain employment and measures to develop businesses’ human capital.”...
14 September 2006
McDonald’s launches «McPassport» to promote workers’ mobility
Upon request, the number one fast food chain in Europe will provide all employees with an “official certificate of professional competences”. McDonald’s wants to ease its employees’ mobility throughout Europe. 2006 is the European Year of Workers’ Mobility. (Ref.06895)