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20 March 2020
Workday takes measures to help employees around the world better cope with the coronavirus crisis
The US HR software company Workday announced on its blog on 16 March that its some 10,000 workers would receive a one-off payment, equivalent to two weeks’ wages, to help them deal with the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak. This measure, which will cost the company around $80 million (€73.3m), concerns all employees, except for executives. Payment is expected to be made by 30 April. A special fund to help those employees most in difficulty will also be created. Also as part of efforts to limit the...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
13 March 2020
Great Britain: Nissan commits to supporting female employees during menstruation
Since 09 March more than 500 staff at the Japanese carmaker Nissan’s plant in the UK’s north-east region of Sunderland will have access to free sanitary protection in the company’s toilets. The car giant has just joined a local UK trade union (Unite) campaign. Called the ‘Period Dignity Campaign, it was launched during the summer of 2019 and aims to encourage all employers to make sanitary protection freely available in toilet facilities, just like toilet paper. Another key point of the campaign, is to...
16 December 2019
United Kingdom: companies allow staff to book ‘hangover days’
With the festive season fast approaching, a digital marketing start-up in the north-west of England has attracted attention for offering its employees “hangover days”. The idea behind the policy at Bolton-based The Audit Lab is to allow employees who have perhaps had one too many the night before to work from home, multiple times throughout the year. Claire Crompton, co-founder and director of The Audit Lab, explains: “We wanted to offer something to younger millennials who typically go out mid-week. My team...
22 November 2019
United Kingdom: when companies move to break the taboo of menopause
From banking group HSBC to supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and professional services group PwC, more and more UK companies are now talking about the sensitive topic of menopause and the need to put in measures to support those employees affected. Their aim? To prevent any kind of stigmatisation of women, as well as to avoid mass departures and potential legal action. Planet Labor has spoken to two experts on this issue, which has now become unavoidable for HR departments in the UK.
6 November 2019
PSA: “HR divisions have to hold a strategic position in order to create real conditions for success,” Xavier Chéreau, Group HR head
HR divisions able to pilot transformation processes: it is with this ambition in mind that Xavier Chéreau has positioned the French automaker’s HR function as a strategic partner in driving transformation change. In an interview with Planet Labor, the HR head explains how and where the division should position itself as a strategic business partner and become entrusted with the...
5 November 2019
Japan : Microsoft 4-day working week trial to promote ‘life choices at work’ and speed up changing attitudes
Over the course of August 2019, the 2,300 staff at Microsoft’s Japanese headquarters tried out working on a 4-day per week basis, when they worked for four consecutive days and did not work on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays (Microsoft statement here – in Japanese). The trial run was part of the company’s ‘summer challenge’, aimed at improving work-life balance, and that included funding support depending on how workers invested in their free time activities. For instance, funding was available for those...
23 October 2019
Great Britain : 30 major businesses commit to mental health
Thirty employers including banking names Santander Bank, Barclays Bank and Lloyds Banking Group, the Royal Mail, multinationals such as Unilever, and the advisory firm Deloitte have promised to recognize the importance of mental health at work and have signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment. This landmark agreement includes six core commitments stemming and formulated from the 2017 UK Government commissioned report, Thriving at Work (c.f. article No. 10928). The first commitment is to prioritize mental health...
24 September 2019
Argentina: navigating HR policies within an extremely unstable economic context
Against the backdrop of instability born of an economic crisis in full swing and a political landscape undergoing profound change what challenges are facing Argentina’s human resources sector? Digital transitioning, gender parity, training, and social partner dialogue for instance, are all priorities common to many other economies. However one detail dominates in Argentina and that is the fact that since 2018 the country has been in recession and for several years has had to cope with both runaway inflation (55%...
23 May 2019
Italy: collective negotiations are starting to introduce the right to disconnect from work
In Italy there is a longstanding tradition of overlooking the right to disconnect from work and the right does not feature in overall labor regulation. It does however feature in the law that frames smart working (c.f. articles No. 10206 and No. 10886), by which is meant working outside of company premises for one to two days per week. An increasing prevalence of agile work and the growth of technologies enabling remote working has spurred Italy’s social partners to address the ‘disconnect’ topic, and ahead...
17 May 2019
Germany: at SAP job sharing is possible at all hierarchical levels from basic employee right up to senior executive
Since the start of 2018 all senior managerial positions at Germany’s multinational software corporation SAP have in principle been available for job sharing and flexible working opportunities. Since March 2019, SAP has gone one step further so that now all work positions at the company will be able to be shared between two workers operating in tandem, so what had formerly been an option at SAP has now become a right. Cawa Younosi, HR Head at SAP Deutschland and SAP SE in Germany is renowned for his revolutionary...