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25 April 2022
Germany: firms show growing interest in Ukrainian workers
As German companies continue to grapple with labour shortages, particularly in tech-focused sectors, many are increasingly looking to the skills offered by Ukrainian refugees and are stepping up their recruitment efforts. This trend has seen the launch of various job platforms online as well as recruiters travelling to the borders.
15 April 2022
Brazil: Petlove&Co offers staff health insurance plans for their pets
Petlove&Co, Brazil’s largest online platform for pet products and services, is to offer its thousand or so employees an all-new benefit: a health insurance scheme to cover their pets, in line with its traditional health insurance scheme. Announced at the start of April via the press, the policy is a means of building staff loyalty. According to a study conducted internally, 93% of Petlove&Co employees own a pet and 75% have more than two. This mutual insurance policy covers unlimited consultations...
12 April 2022
France: Bouygues Telecom offers students direct contact with its own dual work-study colleagues
The French communications company is innovating in terms of the jobs candidate experience. With its dual work-study recruitment campaign, the company is offering applicants a direct video-conference exchange with its current dual work-study students. Over a one-week period, the company’s current dual work-study students will share their experiences and answer students’ questions via the Apizee platform, (a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary). On 11 April the operator launched a media plan across the social...
16 March 2022
Germany: Bosch creates freelancernetwork, a network to access and integrate independent IT developers
Faced with the enormous need for IT specialists stemming from the transition to digitalization, German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch has launched the freelancernetwork, which is designed to quickly integrate high-potential independent developers into its internal R&D projects. This network, which is scheduled to go international in 2022, is itself an extension of Bosch’s ‘digital ecosystem,’ or global innovation community that operates from the Connectory platform.
25 February 2022
Italy: energy group Enel to train 5,500 technicians for its network of supplier companies
Launched by Italian electricity and gas group Enel, in partnership with the training body ELIS, the “Energie per Crescere” (Energy for Growth) programme will offer five weeks of training to 5,500 young people who are unemployed or out of work, and have a bachelor’s degree or already have a qualification in electricity or electronics. The aim of the initiative is to train a pool of technicians specialising in the energy transition and network digitalisation. “We want to encourage the convergence of...
22 February 2022
U.S.: Amazon doubles the base salary cap for its corporate employees
While the maximum base salary for Amazon’s corporate employees was previously capped at $160,000 a year (€141,000), the company has now decided to more than double this to $350,000 (€308,000). “This past year has seen a particularly competitive labor market and in doing a thorough analysis of various options, weighing the economics of our business and the need to remain competitive for attracting and retaining top talent, we decided to make meaningfully bigger increases to our compensation levels than...
11 February 2022
India: e-commerce platform IndiaMart to pay staff on a weekly basis
B2B e-commerce firm IndiaMart announced on Sunday 6 February that it will now pay its employees on a weekly basis rather than a monthly one. “With an aim to build a flexible work culture and ensure the financial wellness of our employees, IndiaMart becomes the first Indian organisation to adopt a weekly payout of salaries,” Dinesh Agarwal, the company’s founder and CEO, wrote in a Twitter post. The company, which was founded in 1996 and has 2,724 permanent and 836 temporary employees, says it made the...
9 February 2022
United States: Trainual offers $5,000 to new hires looking to leave the company
US Arizona-based online training and knowledge management platform start-up, Trainual, is offering $5,000 to new recruits if they wish to leave within two weeks of signing their employment contract. The management goal is to retain only those who are fully in tune with the company culture. This strategy also means giving the recruitment team a sense of responsibility, so they are more attentive when hiring.
6 January 2022
France: Génération Saint-Gobain is the group’s apprentice training centre set up to match job shortages
Launched in the autumn of 2020 and right in the middle of two Covid-related lockdown periods, the French construction and materials group’s internal apprentice training centre has already trained 60 young people in sales and industrial maintenance professions. Encouraged by the results of the centre’s first year’s graduates, Saint-Gobain will create new courses and intends to take on even more apprentices for the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, in the autumn of 2022. This is a way for Saint-Gobain...
10 December 2021
Belgium: Engie Electrabel offers bonus equal to one year’s pay to avoid staff departures
On 7 December, Belgian energy company Engie Electrabel presented its plan for retaining the 2,000 workers at its Doel and Tihange power stations, according to the press agency Belga. The firm announced in 17 November 2020 that its seven Belgian nuclear sites would cease operations by 2025, however a decision on whether its most recent reactors will continue is yet to be formalised. According to Vincent Franco, a Gazelco trade union delegate at the Tihange site, Engie Electrabel has made it known that the group...