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31 August 2022
Great Britain: PwC lowers degree class requirements to broaden recruitment pool
On 14 August, professional services and consulting giant, PricewaterhouseCoopers announced that a ‘2:1 degree’, i.e. an upper second class honours bachelor’s degree, is no longer to be a minimum recruitment requirement in the U.K.. The goal is ‘to ensure it doesn’t miss out on talent’.
10 June 2022
France: only 26% of employees expect a pay rise in 2022 (ADP survey)
French employees are among the least confident in the world as regards the possibility of getting a pay rise this year, with only a quarter thinking they will do. This proportion – a finding that emerges from the “People at Work 2022” study, conducted in 17 countries on four continents, and published on 10 June by the HR services group ADP – is 20 percentage points lower than the European average and 35 percentage points lower than the international average. Similarly, only 59% of French – and...
9 June 2022
United States: Bonduelle implements inclusive hiring model
Bonduelle Fresh Americas, the US-based subsidiary of French food processing group Bonduelle, has adopted an “inclusive” hiring model with a view to removing “structural barriers to employment” for those who find themselves excluded from the labour market. The approach is a way of broadening its pool of candidates, at a time when there is a shortage of labour in the agri-food sector.
19 May 2022
India: Sri Mookambika Infosolutions providing matchmaking services as a way of retaining talent
Founded in 2006, Sri Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI), a global technology solutions provider headquartered in Madurai, in the southern Tamil Nadu state, has decided to assist its employees find their love match. SMI is providing its employees with free matrimonial services along with a bonus for those who get married. The aim is to reduce turnover in a sector that has particularly high attrition rates. The company is trying to retain talent and negate the desire to quit the company in order to seek a love match in...
25 April 2022
Germany: firms show growing interest in Ukrainian workers
As German companies continue to grapple with labour shortages, particularly in tech-focused sectors, many are increasingly looking to the skills offered by Ukrainian refugees and are stepping up their recruitment efforts. This trend has seen the launch of various job platforms online as well as recruiters travelling to the borders.
15 April 2022
Brazil: Petlove&Co offers staff health insurance plans for their pets
Petlove&Co, Brazil’s largest online platform for pet products and services, is to offer its thousand or so employees an all-new benefit: a health insurance scheme to cover their pets, in line with its traditional health insurance scheme. Announced at the start of April via the press, the policy is a means of building staff loyalty. According to a study conducted internally, 93% of Petlove&Co employees own a pet and 75% have more than two. This mutual insurance policy covers unlimited consultations...
12 April 2022
France: Bouygues Telecom offers students direct contact with its own dual work-study colleagues
The French communications company is innovating in terms of the jobs candidate experience. With its dual work-study recruitment campaign, the company is offering applicants a direct video-conference exchange with its current dual work-study students. Over a one-week period, the company’s current dual work-study students will share their experiences and answer students’ questions via the Apizee platform, (a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary). On 11 April the operator launched a media plan across the social...
16 March 2022
Germany: Bosch creates freelancernetwork, a network to access and integrate independent IT developers
Faced with the enormous need for IT specialists stemming from the transition to digitalization, German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch has launched the freelancernetwork, which is designed to quickly integrate high-potential independent developers into its internal R&D projects. This network, which is scheduled to go international in 2022, is itself an extension of Bosch’s ‘digital ecosystem,’ or global innovation community that operates from the Connectory platform.
25 February 2022
Italy: energy group Enel to train 5,500 technicians for its network of supplier companies
Launched by Italian electricity and gas group Enel, in partnership with the training body ELIS, the “Energie per Crescere” (Energy for Growth) programme will offer five weeks of training to 5,500 young people who are unemployed or out of work, and have a bachelor’s degree or already have a qualification in electricity or electronics. The aim of the initiative is to train a pool of technicians specialising in the energy transition and network digitalisation. “We want to encourage the convergence of...
22 February 2022
U.S.: Amazon doubles the base salary cap for its corporate employees
While the maximum base salary for Amazon’s corporate employees was previously capped at $160,000 a year (€141,000), the company has now decided to more than double this to $350,000 (€308,000). “This past year has seen a particularly competitive labor market and in doing a thorough analysis of various options, weighing the economics of our business and the need to remain competitive for attracting and retaining top talent, we decided to make meaningfully bigger increases to our compensation levels than...