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1 February 2019
India: Amazon luring IT developers as it conquers the voice-assistance market
Amazon is en route to dominating India’s voice assistant market. The online giant’s strategy relies on independent outside developers with whom Amazon has no legal connection, and according to Amazon some 40,000 are now developing Alexa compatible ‘skills’ (voice-powered apps that run on all Amazon Echo devices).
8 October 2018
Germany: how digitalization is changing the face of recruitment
During the ‘Labor.a 2018’ conference that focused on digital transformations within the world of work that was held in Berlin on 13 September, Anna Sauter-Getschmann, Innovation Manager at i-potentials, The Consultancy for Organizations and Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age, presented an overview of the impact of digitalization on recruitment. Digital recruitment tools are mushrooming with new solutions coming online every day, explained the i-potentials consultant to Planet Labor. Anna Sauter-Getschmann...
6 September 2018
Argentina: digital sector initiatives to retain young talent
Economic crisis aside, Argentina’s digital companies are struggling to hold onto young talent and are developing policies to try and attract them. Against a backdrop of a labor market known for being informal (more than a third of employment is not officially registered) and economic problems linked to rampant inflation, digital-sector companies are implementing the country’s most innovative HR policies. Two Argentine digital-companies, Globant and Q4Tech, each with different profiles, explain the measures...
4 April 2018
Vodafone looks to boost the digital skills of 10 million young people worldwide
At the end of March 2018, UK telecommunications giant Vodafone presented a landmark program that aims to provide careers guidance as well as more access to digital training for up to 10 million young people by 2022. Entitled, ‘What will you be?’, the Vodafone youth work initiative will cover 18 countries, and according to the group represents the largest international program of its kind in the world.
8 November 2017
Deutsche Bahn: the secret of a successful recruitment campaign
“We’re not perfect, but we have empathy and we provide stimulating professions.” Thus the substance of Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) landmark recruitment campaign, launched in May 2017, and which on 19 September, won the German rail company the prestigious ‘German Human Resources Prize’ (Personalwirtschaftspreis 2017), in the Recruitment category. The ‘Welcome, you have a place here with us’ (Willkommen, Du passt zu uns) campaign shows videos of DB employees telling, with surprising sincerity, of the...
Marion Leo
8 June 2017
L’Oréal: an interview with Bertrand de Senneville, Global Vice-President of HR-Industrial Relations and Head of the L’Oréal Share & Care Program
In January 2017 the global cosmetics giant launched ‘Season 2’ of its Share & Care program, which in addition to bolstering certain social cover and parental leave aspects also focuses on the quality of life at work. Bertrand de Senneville, Global Vice-President of L’Oréal HR-Social Relations spoke with Planet Labor about the Share & Care program that in particular looks...
20 December 2016
China: employee loyalty, an HR priority
Both an ageing population coupled together with growing demands from China’s millennials are now forcing corporations to rethink the way they approach Chinese employees, as retaining talent is key in a country where only 4 % of the population has a qualification. A number of articles recently in the media by Chinese sociologists have stressed the difficulties in retaining qualified labor without adopting a fresh approach as regards employees and especially millennials.
23 May 2016
Russia: Eldorado project looks to attract young managerial staff into retailing
A dearth of young qualified professionals is affecting the country, despite the falloff in GDP. Not only is the research sector being impacted but so are both tourism and retailing. The Eldorado project is all about attracting young professionals into retailing. Eldorado, Russia’s largest retailer of consumer electronics and household appliances, together with Russia’s Association of Managers has launched the project “Oupravlaï rezoultatom’ (Show your result), and it is receiving support from the...