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22 September 2011
Germany: discounter Kik launches advertising campaign to improve its image as an employer
For three months, the employees of the German clothing discounter Kik will explain, in commercials on TV and in theaters, why they feel good in their company. This campaign, launched by the discounter this week, is part of a series of measures the group took to try and restore its image, stained by a few scandals. Lidl, Schlecker, Netto… many discount firms, like Kik, are currently undergoing a social metamorphosis to get rid of their image of unscrupulous employer. (Ref. 110565)
9 December 2010
Great Britain: the private sector is hiring but needs more talent
Recruitment picks up.  For this study, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) interviewed the human resources managers of 1,100 businesses in Europe and in the US.  Recruitment forecasts in 2011 are twice as high as for 2010: 28% of surveyed by the consultant firm said they would recruit, as opposed to 13% last year.  Meanwhile, the amount of planned layoffs went from 43% last year down to 16%.  These are encouraging for the labor market and suggest that the private sector may be able to absorb workers from the public...