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6 March 2013
Great Britain: lists new HR jobs
The information website, people management, recently published a list of new HR jobs no one had heard about 10 years ago which are now appealing to new employees. There is also a list of jobs that will become popular within a few years. Robert Jeffery, senior editor at people management, agreed to comment these lists for Planet Labor. (Ref. 130155)
19 November 2012
Corporate practices: BMW launches TaLENT, a more flexible training scheme focusing on the talents identified among apprentices
Demographic ageing, production changes – harder to plan than they used to be – and quick technological change are forcing businesses to come up with new HR management and training policies. In this area, BMW, the German carmaker, has already come up with several innovative initiatives for senior workers and executives. Since September, apprentices in the 2012 Class can opt for a new training concept. The TaLENT program aims to optimize the quality of apprenticeship by allowing the youngsters to...
2 July 2012
Corporate practices: ThyssenKrupp steel cuts working time to hire 1,000 apprentices and have younger manpower
Chain restructurings.  “Up to 2006, we were mostly concerned with one thing: how can we cut jobs?” explains Veit Echterhoff, in charge of training policy at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG.  And for good reason: as soon as it was founded, the biggest steel producer in Germany, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe (28,843 employees, €12.8 billion in sales in 2010-11), based in Duisburg, was affected by the steel crisis which has been ravaging Europe since the 1970s.  Blast furnaces gradually closed in the Ruhr basin;...
19 April 2012
Germany: federal bill on anonymous applications shows extended ‘workforce pool’ with no additional costs
Christina Lüders, Director of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, said the study’s outcome is definitely in favor of anonymous applications.  The test shows that, with similar qualifications, women and immigrants’ chances of getting the job soared.  At the time it was launched – September 2010 –, German employers’ organizations were skeptical and thought that it would add complications and add to recruitment procedures.  The results presented on Tuesday, April 17, show that it isn’t the case.
22 February 2012
Germany: recruitment strategies increasingly rely on employee recommendations
Deutsche Bahn is preparing a general recruitment incentive program.  Deutsche Bahn is currently working on a new general recruitment incentive program favoring the recruitment of people recommended by its own employees.  Armed with good financial results in 2011, the company is growing and announced that it intended to recruit nearly 15,000 people within two years.  Currently, finding so many skilled workers on the German labor market (engineers, technologists, technicians…) is no easy task.  According to...
18 January 2012
Great Britain: businesses commit to anonymous CVs
Pact.  Testo, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Marks&Spencer, Nestlé… over 100 of Britain’s biggest employers in the banking, legal, food or energy industries, employing more than two million people in the country, have already backed the government’s pact.  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg introduced this pact on January 12, 2012.  It invites businesses to recruit “openly and fairly,” without discrimination, using name-free forms (since names can reveal ethnic origin) without the names of the educational...
18 November 2011
Romania: private managers for national businesses
Until now, the authorities appointed the managers of national businesses. Because of disastrous results in most of these companies – in 2010, the 35 biggest State firms made €10 billion in sales but lost 500 million – business secretary Ion Ariton suggested, at the beginning of the year, replacing these managers – often appointed through friendship or interest – by managers coming from the private sector. The aim is to improve internal operations, stop financial losses and find the best...
15 November 2011
International: employees as demotivated as when the crisis broke out
“Employee satisfaction worldwide, or engagement, continues to be sluggish and remains at the lowest level since 2008” according to Aon Hewitt, the HR consulting businesses of Aon Corporation, based in the US.  In a press release published on Thursday, November 10, the firm announced, “At the end of the third quarter, Aon Hewitt analyzed its Employee Engagement Database of more than 5,700 employers, representing five million employees worldwide. The findings reveal an engagement level of 56 percent thus far...
26 October 2011
United States: Facebook as the new partner of employment services
One year after the first complaint lodged by an employee fired because he criticized his employer on Facebook, the American government wants to use this social network as an instrument to combat unemployment, which currently affects 14 million people in the US (i.e. a 9.1% unemployment rate).
14 October 2011
United States: revival of the debate over the importance of applicants’ financial background during recruitment procedures
One year after the federal agency on professional equality held a public meeting on the subject, about 30 unions and associations* revived the debate on discrimination during recruitment procedures based on applicants’ financial situation and launched, on October 11th, a campaign against the use of debt files when recruiting.  “60% of U.S. employers conduct credit checks on job applicants”, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).