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28 October 2019
United States : strike action over at GM, UAW now negotiating with Ford
After 6 weeks of work stoppages, the workers strike at General Motors has finally come to an end. Members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union voted 57% in favor of the four-year wages agreement negotiated by the union on their behalf (read art. n°11431). Next is line for negotiations is Ford, and after that it will be FCA (Fiat Chrysler automobiles). The strike action proved costly with GM losing $1.75 billion during the period, and with direct and supplier businesses’ employees missing out on almost $1...
22 October 2019
Germany: chemical sector jobs impacted by transformation in the auto industry
A study published on 16 October, and jointly carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Science Research and the IG BCE chemicals and energy trade union friendly Work and Environment Foundation has analyzed overlaps between Germany’s auto industry and the chemicals, plastics and rubber industries; the goal of which was to measure the effects of changes currently occurring in the overall auto industry.
21 October 2019
Belgium: talent mobility initiative launched in finance sector
On 30 September, financial sector employer federation Febelfin and trade unions ACV Puls, GNC-CNE, BBTK/SETCa and ACLVB/CGSLB signed a new protocol on ‘talent mobility’, as a follow-on from the agreement signed on 19 December 2018. The protocol takes inspiration from the best practices in the financial sector and is aimed at companies that are yet to carry out formal work on the matter. It proposes pathways for workers whose jobs may be under threat due to digital transformation. Those who commit to a pathway...
21 October 2019
Germany: agreement in the industrial cleaning sector
On 18 October, social partners in Germany’s industrial cleaning sector announced that they had reached an agreement to renew the framework collective agreement which regulates, among other things, the leave entitlement and bonuses enjoyed by the 650,000 employees in the sector. The agreement follows an intense dispute marked by six unsuccessful meetings, a series of warning strikes and an unusual campaign launched on 7 October by IG BAU trade union against certain companies, accused of taking advantage of the...
18 October 2019
United States: agreement struck with GM for large pay rises but three sites are still set to close
Officials at the United Automobile Workers, the American trade union, have finally reached an agreement with the leadership of General Motors. However the 200 union leaders who met on Thursday 17 October in Detroit did not call for an end to the strike that has been ongoing for more than one month. It will be up to the union members, which are some 46,000 in total, to make a decision on the content of the four-year deal negotiated with GM.
18 October 2019
Finland: SAK, the country’s main union confederation, puts forward proposals addressing technological developments
In spring 2019, Finland’s government announced as part of its program that it would be changing labor legislation in order to better protect workers. Legislative drafts are formulated within tri-partite working groups comprising the State and the country’s social partners. Work has commenced and SAK president Jarkko Eloranta has been pushing the government to move forward with comprehensive reforms that cater for the development of new technologies. SAK has presented a document, drafted with the think tank...
15 October 2019
Portugal : soon to be approved UGT affiliated bank & insurance sector union seeks to also advocate for workers in third party service provision
The SBSI union (Banking trade union for the south and the islands) has established a new trade union body by way of merging UGT affiliated bodies representing Banks in the Center of the country, Portugal’s Insurers, and all Insurance Businesses. Legal statutes for the new entity, Mais Sindicato (Extra Union), have been lodged for approval by the labor authorities. The goal of the new...
14 October 2019
Ireland : Financial Services Union calls for legislation on the right to disconnect
The Financial Services Union called on 10 October – on World Mental Health Day – for a law that would grant workers the right to disconnect. The union for workers in the financial services sector, says such a law should specify that “workers should not be obliged to answer calls or reply to emails, or engage in any work-related activity outside of paid working hours”. The call from the FSU comes after talks in September between the union and Ireland’s Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation,...
11 October 2019
Italy : collective agreement in power sector renewed with several innovations
Social partners in Italy’s electric power sector signed a draft deal to renew their collective agreement on 9 October. The agreement applies to some 50,000 workers, including employees of Enel, the energy company that is partly owned by the Italian state, as well as Terna, the transmission system operator in Italy. The new collective agreement, which includes an overall pay rise of 124 euros, seeks to support the sector through the energy transition phase. Other new features include the extension of the...
11 October 2019
Germany : agreement at Postbank allows workers to choose between more free time and more money
The trade union Verdi and the negotiators for German retail bank Postbank announced, on the morning of Thursday 10 October, that they have reached a compromise on the renewal of the company collective agreement. The 12,000 employees of the bank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank since 2010, will receive a 4.75% increase in two instalments: a 3% rise in November 2019 and a further increase of 1.75%, or at least 110 euros, in January 2021. The agreement is valid until December 2021, covering 29 months overall. Verdi has...