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20 February 2020
Germany: collective agreements in 2019 marked by rise of ‘options models’ for working time
The Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) at the Hans Böckler trade union foundation, which manages the organisation’s collective agreement database, has recently published its summary of collective bargaining for 2019 (here). In addition to healthy salary increases, agreements in 2019 were marked by the prevalence of an options-based model for working time, which appears to have been all the rage among employees and was included in several agreements. Such models however do not seem to be very...
19 February 2020
Germany: metallurgy sector companies are struggling with complex working time options
The Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) that is financed by the Gesamtmetall employers’ confederation has surveyed almost 800 companies to determine how well new labor options have been applied, including the T-ZUG ‘optional model’, and the ‘reduced full time’ employees option, as per the 2017/2018 metallurgy agreement on working time, in addition to flexible work and  augmented working time option proposals for companies. The IW research report shows particularly mixed results especially as...
18 February 2020
Italy: Fastweb telecommunications company lowers working time while keeping salaries unchanged
According to a company agreement signed on 06 February, the number of hours in the working week for many of Fastweb’s employees will fall from 40 to 38. This is a landmark move for a sector facing difficult business conditions with massive investment expenditures required for fiber optic and 5G services and serious competition putting pressure on pricing points. The Fastweb agreement also includes measures to promote better work-life balance, accommodate parenting constraints, and support employees welfare.
17 February 2020
Spain: USO trade body shuns Solvay policy that recognizes competences acquired as part of staff representative mandates
In what appears to be a real culture clash, the USO trade body is criticizing the Charter agreed between management at the chemical company and its European Works Council, over recognition for experience gained through trade union and staff representation  activities (c.f. article No. 10618). The charter that draws on French practice and aims to promote the employability of staff representatives and to include their representation experience in their professional career paths. However, a representative of the USO...
14 February 2020
Denmark: new collective agreement reached in industry
On 9 February, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri) struck a deal on a new collective agreement for industry. The agreement extends parental leave with full pay from a total of 13 weeks to 16 weeks. Eight of these weeks will be earmarked for the father, while five will be reserved for the mother and the final three shared between the parents. Furthermore, individuals will have greater scope to pay part of their salary into a...
14 February 2020
Italy: Fondimpresa- the interprofessional fund for lifelong training releases €5 million to develop active employment policies
Founded 15 years ago by the employers’ Confindustria organization and the central union organizations (Cgil, Cisl, and Uil), the Fondimpresa (that finances employee lifelong training programs) is launching a trial program promoting the employability of those out of work and those on ‘technical unemployment’ (cassa integrazione). The program will comprise two elements, the first of which will be €3.5 million to be allocated towards careers advice, training and retraining for workers, including those on...
12 February 2020
Spain: agreement at PSA for the Vigo and Madrid facilities
Agreements have just been signed for two PSA facilities in Spain. They both contain the same salary increase framework that depends on the Group’s European earnings, and a similar mechanism in terms of recourse to flexible working via Saturday working. However the agreement at the Vigo, Galicia facility was only signed by the in-house trade union, SIT-FSI, with the other union bodies refusing to sign what they considered to be an inadequate text. In contrast, the Madrid text was taken as guaranteeing...
11 February 2020
Italy: green light for tough negotiations to start over the 6,000 job losses announced for UniCredit staff
Following on from the presentation at the end of 2019 of a 2023 strategic plan that intends for significant reorganization and the closure of 450 of its subsidiaries in Italy, UniCredit sent a letter on 10 February to the relevant trade unions by way of initiating negotiations over the bank’s restructuring, and which are intended to conclude with an agreement by 31 March 2020. The bank, which is currently enjoying sizeable profits, intends to favor ‘soft’ departures that can ‘mitigate as much as possible...
11 February 2020
Chile: country gearing up for female mobilization action in March
On 08 February, several of the country’s feminist organizations within the feminist 8M movement called for major protest action in March in the defense of women’s rights within the world of work, in society at large, and in the area of marital violence. The coordination committee has presented a demonstration schedule that will start on ‘Super Feminist Monday’, 02 March, and that will culminate on 08 and 09 March with a general women’s strike. Although based on women’s rights, the organizations...
11 February 2020
Brazil: 10-day old Petrobras strike action extends across the whole country
Since 01 February, Brazil’s semi-public Brazilian multinational corporation, Petrobras has been hit with strike action that has now extended to almost 90 of its industrial sites (oil platforms and refineries, electric power stations, terminals, administration centers etc.). According to the Federação Única dos Petroleiros group of unions, or FUP (petroleum workers federation), almost 20,000 employees are now on strike.