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24 May 2006
Spain : Trade unions criticize the lack of labour inspectors
Spain has one labour inspector for 23 300 workers, which is half than elsewhere in the EU, where the average is one inspector for 12000 workers. According to trade unions, which denounce this situation, the lack of checks explains why Spain has more work accidents than any other European country, with 6.6 deaths for 100 000 workers, compared to 4.8 on average in the EU. (Ref. 06513)
23 May 2006
Czech Republic : President vetoes new Labour Code
The introduction of the new Labour Code in the Czech Republic must overcome yet another obstacle. After a veto in the Senate which was overturned by another favorable vote of the national assembly, Czech President Vaclav Klaus vetoed the new legislation. It is now again up to the members of parliament in the lower chamber to override this presidential veto. (Ref. 06511)
19 May 2006
Spain : proposals to modernize the Public sector
The Minister of public administration, Jordi Sevilla, said he was in favour of flexible retirements, extension of telecommuting and salary linked to merit for civil servants. A negotiation on new staff Regulations for civil servants is currently under way. (Réf. 06497)