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19 May 2006
Spain : proposals to modernize the Public sector
The Minister of public administration, Jordi Sevilla, said he was in favour of flexible retirements, extension of telecommuting and salary linked to merit for civil servants. A negotiation on new staff Regulations for civil servants is currently under way. (Réf. 06497)
18 May 2006
General Motors : 900 job cuts in Great Britain
General Motors, the world’s number one car manufacturer, announced on 17 May 2006 the shedding of 900 jobs in its factory of Ellesmere Port, close to Liverpool, which manufactures Opel Astra under the Vauxhall mark. The American group decided to reduce the production by removing the night shift, with two cycles instead of three, but ensured that it would proceed to voluntary departures. (Réf. 06491)
16 May 2006
Netherlands: more accountability for managers’ salaries
A law of 26 April 2006 will force companies of more than employees to inform; starting 1st August, their work’s councils of managers’ salaries. Up to now, only the companies which were listed had to publish this information. (Ref.06485)
16 May 2006
Austria: metalworkers and food trade unions merge
The Austrian trade union of textile and metal industries (GMT) and that of agriculture, food and restaurants merged, last 9 May. This new organization, called Gewerkschaft Metall-Textil-Nahrung (GMTN), has 230 000 members. (Réf. 06481)
15 May 2006
Germany: the debate over “combined wages” continues
The debate on the introduction of new devices to fight unemployment continues in Germany. The German right wing presented, at the beginning of week, a model of combined wages aimed at reintegrating the long-term unemployed in the labour market. (Réf. 06471)
12 May 2006
Goodyear establishes its entities of services and distribution in Slovakia
The American manufacturing giant Goodyear tires decided to establish its entity of services and distribution for Central and Eastern Europe close to Bratislava (Slovakia). This operation should trigger dozens of new jobs in Slovakia but also job cuts in Hungary and the Czech Republic. (Réf. 06468)