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7 June 2006
Hankook Tire to establish first European plant in Hungary
The Korean tire company wants to establish a production site close to its European markets. Hungary was chosen because of its low production costs, skilled workers and because it is close to customers located in Western Europe. (Réf. 06574)
6 June 2006
Lithuania: pensions due to increase
Retirement pensions in Lithuania will be updated by an average 60 Litas (17,4 Euros) per month starting from next 1 July. Last week, Lithuania’s Prime Minister Mr. Algirdas Brazauskas also announced the Government’s intention to update the basic pension by 30 Litas (8,7 Euros). (Ref. 06570)
6 June 2006
Finland : a wage agreement ends the embargo on 3 ships of Superfast Ferries, accused of social dumping
The Finnish seamens’ union, backed by the Federation of Transport workers, has imposed an embargo on three ships of the company Superfast Ferries which serve Hanko, in southern Finland, and Rostock in Germany. These ships has recently been bought by the Estonian sailing company Tallink, and registered under Estonian flag. This embargo, backed by Finnish dockers, has ended, following a wage agreement. (Ref. 06568)
6 June 2006
Poland: Solidarnosc demands wage increases
The national Commission of Solidarnosc asked, on June 1, that the wage increase follow that of productivity. According to the trade union, this should be an obligatory standard in Poland. (Ref. 06567)
2 June 2006
Volkswagen: management is ready to pay a lot to accelerate job cuts
At the beginning of May, Volkswagen announced its intention to cut 20000 jobs, mainly in its German factories. But the collective agreement currently into force excludes any lay-off until 2011. For the moment, the option of voluntary departures is not motivating many people. To accelerate the process, management is thus ready to offer up to 250 000 euros per voluntary departure. An offer which does not apply to the groups Brazilian employees, who are also threatened. (Réf. 06554)
1 June 2006
Spain: agreement on a plan to support the textile and clothing industries
The government, trade unions and employers’ organization of textile concluded, last 26 May, an agreement on a plan to support the textile and clothing industries, which will be granted 870 million euros. This plan contains social measures intended to support the maintenance of jobs and employees’ retraining. At the same time, a preliminary agreement on the collective agreement of the textile branch for 2006-2007 insists on companies’ respect of a good behavior code, in order to guarantee the...
1 June 2006
Germany: lower than unexpected unemployment, but tense situation on the apprenticeship market
During a press conference on 31 May 2006 in Berlin, Michael Glos, German Minister for Economy, was pleased with the retreat of unemployment in May, announced the same morning by the national Agency for employment (BA), but said he was worried by the situation on the apprenticeship market. He invited social partners to negotiate the wages of apprentices in order to rectify this situation. (Ref. 06549)