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15 May 2006
Germany: the debate over “combined wages” continues
The debate on the introduction of new devices to fight unemployment continues in Germany. The German right wing presented, at the beginning of week, a model of combined wages aimed at reintegrating the long-term unemployed in the labour market. (Réf. 06471)
12 May 2006
Goodyear establishes its entities of services and distribution in Slovakia
The American manufacturing giant Goodyear tires decided to establish its entity of services and distribution for Central and Eastern Europe close to Bratislava (Slovakia). This operation should trigger dozens of new jobs in Slovakia but also job cuts in Hungary and the Czech Republic. (Réf. 06468)
12 May 2006
Great Britain: a general strike is possible in British railways
The chances of a general strike in the British railways this summer are increasing. The launching, next week, of the consultation of tens of thousands of employees (obligatory “bundle” so that the strike is legal) on a text aimed at guaranteeing retirement pensions will be a decisive stage. It could lead to the first national strike involving an entire sector, since the general strike of 1926. (Réf. 06464)
10 May 2006
Netherlands: salary is the first mobility criterion
According to a survey of 50 000 people published on 26 April 26 Intelligence Group, an independent engineering and design department based in Rotterdam, salary is now the determining criterion for 61 % of employees who seek a job or wish to change jobs, whereas work environment used to be the most important criterion. (Ref. 06459)