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20 February 2006
Bulgaria: trade unions act against labour law violations by an Italian company
The death of two sisters, both workers for the Euroshoes factory in Doupnitsa (small city in the south-west of Bulgaria), lead to a wave of inspections throughout the country and launched a debate on the level of working conditions. The Italian Parliament is also getting interested in the “bad” practices of the Euroshoes company, of Italian nationality, abroad. (Ref. 06156)
16 February 2006
Germany: wage negotiations postponed in Bade-Wurtemberg’s metal industry
Started on February 14, 2006 in Böblingen, wage negotiations in Bade-Wurtemberg’s metal industry, which employs nearly 800 000 people, were postponed to March 17 after only three hours of discussions. The talks in this Land are followed very closely in Germany, because agreements which are concluded there often set the tone elsewhere. (Réf. 06137)
15 February 2006
Germany: press review -February 6 to 10, 2006
Last week was marked by the beginning of wage negotiations in the metal industry which will for sure be difficult. IG Metall is demanding a 5% rise in wages. This same week, the Minister for Labour announced the creation of a legal minimum wage, necessary according to him to counter the effects of the services directive and of globalization. (Réf. 06126)
14 February 2006
Germany: Volkswagen could return to the 35 hours work-week
According to the German press of this weekend (Focus, Spiegel and Bildzeitung),Volkswagen’s management intends to negotiate with its work’s council a return to the 35 hours work-week (up from 28,8 hours currently) in its six “West German” factories, without wage compensation. A spokesman for VW refused to comment on these “speculations”, asserting that the management initially intended to start talks with staff representatives. (Ref. 06128)