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14 February 2006
Germany: strike in public sector extended once again
The action which began on Monday February 6 in Bade Württemberg, was extended as from Monday, February 13 in Bavaria, Hamburg, Lower-Saxony, Rhineland north Westphalia and Rhineland Westphalia, Schleswig Holstein and Saxony. (Ref. 06125)
9 February 2006
Germany: strike worsens in public services
For the first time in fourteen years, a major social conflict has touched the German public sector. After Bade Württemberg (Ref. 06101), Saar is now affected by the strike. (Ref. 06111)
9 February 2006
Germany: negotiations fail again at AEG
Negotiations between the trade union IG Metall and the management of AEG, a subsidiary of Electrolux, have failed again. The two sides did not manage, on Wednesday February 8, to agree on the compensations for the 1750 employees involved with the closing of the factory. Talks are due to resume on Thursday. (Ref. 06112)
8 February 2006
France: thousands demonstrate against a new flexible job contract for youngsters
Around 300.000 people –mostly young- took to the streets in France on February 7th to protest against a draft law creating a very flexible job contract for people under 26 years old. The so-called “first-job contract” has been submitted to Parliament. The government wants to lower the youngsters’ unemployment rate (currently 23%) by putting less constraints on employers. (Ref. 06114)
7 February 2006
Germany: wage negotiations begin in the metal industry
The German employers’ federation of the metal industry (Gesamtmetall) and the IG Metall trade union launched, on February 7, 2006, wage negotiations in this area which employs some 3,4 million employees. (Ref. 06106)