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8 May 2006
Orange UK : cutting of about 2000 jobs in Great Britain
France Telecom’s mobile telephony’s subsidary company announced, on May 4th, its intention to cut between 1800 and 2000 jobs in Great Britain. This piece of news comes short after the announcement from another French group, PSA, of the closing down of its plant in Ryton. (Ref. 06445)
8 May 2006
Netherlands : reform on dismissal in a dead end
Being discussed for months now, a flexibility of the dismissal’s laws seems to be out of reach on the short term in the Netherlands. Negociations between unions and managment, that should have ended up on a reform suggestion to be submitted to the government before summer, just foundered. (Ref. 06444)
8 May 2006
Belgium: the government installs a reference framework on CSR
In Belgium, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is supported by a true political voluntarism. On April 28th, the government adopted a framework of reference on the subject. It shows the will of the Belgian government to integrate the elements of sustainable development in the business management. This framework should lead to an action plan which will be in charge of promoting and encouraging CSR practices. (Ref. 06442)
5 May 2006
Spain: the supreme Court validates the double salary scale at Nissan
The supreme court has just confirmed the legality of the double salary scale used by the car manufacturer Nissan Motor Iberica in Catalonia when hiring new employees. This is the end of a long legal battle carried out by the trade unions CCOO and CGT. (Réf. 06443)
28 April 2006
Germany: metal industry avoids strike through a “historic agreement”
The employers’ organisation Metall NRW and the union IG-Metall in North Rhineland Westpahlia signed an agreement that has been described as historic by many observers. Apart from the 3% increase in salaries as from 1st June 2006, it envisages a one-off payment of 310 euros for the months of March to May 2006, which will vary depending on the economic health of the company. (Ref. 06400)
28 April 2006
Netherland : The Hague relaxes the rules on working time
The Netherlands is going to greatly simplify the rules on working time currently found in the law. Two-thirds of the current provisions should disappear from the “labour code” and will instead be negotiated by employers and employees. A government bill to do this was presented on Friday 21st April to the parliament. (Ref. 06403)
26 April 2006
Germany: main measures of the agreement concluded in the engineering industry
Already copied by four regions (Bade-Wurtemberg, Hesse, Osnabrück/Emsland and Thüringe), the agreement adopted 22 April 2006 by IG-Metall and the employers’ organization Metall NRW in Düsseldorf (North Rhineland-Westphalia) was described “as historical” by many observers (see our article n°6400). Here are the main innovations. (Ref. 06408)
25 April 2006
Finland: merger planned between 6 trade unions.
Trade union federations of chemistry, paper, wood, building, electricity and of communications are planning a merger in a few months. The future organisation would gather 283 000 members together. (Ref. 06406)