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16 January 2006
Great Britain: TUC Conference “Discrimination Law in 2006”
The Annual TUC- Discrimination Law Conference will be held on Friday 20th 2006. Leading lawyers review legal developments over the past year and likely trends in the coming year. This conference enables participants to identify cases which can be won as a result of recent European and domestic legal decisions on discrimination.
16 January 2006
Great Britain : number one for unpaid overtime
According to the TUC trade union, near 5 million British employees work 7 overtime hours per week, the equivalent of a day, without being paid. The TUC takes these numbers from a governmental report. In 2005, these 36 millions unpaid overtime hours amounted to a 23 billion Pounds (34 billion Euros) loss of income for employees. (Ref 0633)
13 January 2006
Scandinavian trade unions act against social dumping
Starting January 19th, a Polish company will be affected by a union-lead blockade because it refuses to sign the sector’s Swedish collective agreement. A repetition of what happened to a Latvian company in Waxholm, and that lead to a lawsuit currently pending at the CJEC. This jurisdiction will have to deal with yet an other case of social dumping, involving the Finnish union of seamen.