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4 November 2019
Germany: IG Metall and YouTubers announce campaign against YouTube to improve working conditions
The German trade union IG Metall, which has partnered with the YouTubers Union, announced in August of this year that Google Deutschland had agreed to open talks, set for 22 October, over the working conditions of ‘professional’ YouTubers, along with representatives of the online video platform (see article n°11320). However, according to a press release from IG Metall, with Google refusing to meet with Jörg Sprave, the creator of the YouTubers Union, the union and its founder ultimately declined the...
4 November 2019
United States: automobile union UAW strikes multi-year wage agreement with Ford
Negotiators for the UAW (United Automobile Workers) and industry giant Ford have reached a deal for a new four-year salary agreement, four days after a deal was struck by the union and General Motors (see article n°11451). The most recent agreement is largely similar to that reached at GM; it includes solid pay rises, preservation of the low healthcare costs borne by employees and a speeding up of the process to integrate temporary workers. The 55,000 members of the trade union will be able to examine the details...
4 November 2019
United States: UAW president accused of misappropriation of union funds
Gary Jones, president of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union, has found himself in the firing line of federal legal authorities investigating potential corruption, following recent accusations of embezzlement against Edward Robinson, a close ally of the UAW president. Last weekend the 72-year-old, who heads up a regional council of the UAW, was accused of conspiring to misappropriate $700,000 of contributions and other financial income of the union. Robinson is the 12th individual subject to such accusations...
30 October 2019
Italy : Milanese social partners join forces to foster greater worker participation in company decision-making
Assolombarda, the Milanese branch of the employers’ body Confindustria, together with the local sections of the Cgil, Cisl, and Uil unions have signed a territorial agreement that seeks to foster a broad culture of worker participation in their companies’ lives and organization. The goal is to better meet the demands stemming from ‘technological innovation, international competition, and the need for a better work-left balance.’ Presented during a Congress assembly held on 22 October, this agreement, a...
30 October 2019
Spain : the calling into question of preferential energy rates for retirees crystalizes the dispute between Endesa’s management and the trade unions
A collective agreement that has lapsed, negotiations that have stalled, a ‘sit-in’ and notice of five consecutive days of strike action in November (from 1-15 November) are all evidence of mounting tensions at Endesa, Spain’s largest electric utility company. A review of the preferential electricity rates applied to Endesa’s 26,000 retirees has crystallized the dispute at a time...
28 October 2019
United States : strike action over at GM, UAW now negotiating with Ford
After 6 weeks of work stoppages, the workers strike at General Motors has finally come to an end. Members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union voted 57% in favor of the four-year wages agreement negotiated by the union on their behalf (read art. n°11431). Next is line for negotiations is Ford, and after that it will be FCA (Fiat Chrysler automobiles). The strike action proved costly with GM losing $1.75 billion during the period, and with direct and supplier businesses’ employees missing out on almost $1...
23 October 2019
Bolloré Group: agreement signed defining arrangements for workers representative involvement after the group changes to Societas Europaea status
In May 2019, Bolloré, a French transportation, communications and logistics conglomerate announced its intention to shift its headquarters and transform its status to a Societas Europaea (SE), a European legal status facilitating business operations across Europe. In parallel, Bolloré’s financial subsidiaries, Financière de l’Odet and Bolloré Participations, as well as its...
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22 October 2019
Germany: chemical sector jobs impacted by transformation in the auto industry
A study published on 16 October, and jointly carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Science Research and the IG BCE chemicals and energy trade union friendly Work and Environment Foundation has analyzed overlaps between Germany’s auto industry and the chemicals, plastics and rubber industries; the goal of which was to measure the effects of changes currently occurring in the overall auto industry.
21 October 2019
Belgium: talent mobility initiative launched in finance sector
On 30 September, financial sector employer federation Febelfin and trade unions ACV Puls, GNC-CNE, BBTK/SETCa and ACLVB/CGSLB signed a new protocol on ‘talent mobility’, as a follow-on from the agreement signed on 19 December 2018. The protocol takes inspiration from the best practices in the financial sector and is aimed at companies that are yet to carry out formal work on the matter. It proposes pathways for workers whose jobs may be under threat due to digital transformation. Those who commit to a pathway...
21 October 2019
Germany: agreement in the industrial cleaning sector
On 18 October, social partners in Germany’s industrial cleaning sector announced that they had reached an agreement to renew the framework collective agreement which regulates, among other things, the leave entitlement and bonuses enjoyed by the 650,000 employees in the sector. The agreement follows an intense dispute marked by six unsuccessful meetings, a series of warning strikes and an unusual campaign launched on 7 October by IG BAU trade union against certain companies, accused of taking advantage of the...