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26 May 2020
EU: social partners in the automotive sector call for an ambitious recovery plan for the sector
‘During the financial crisis (2008-13), the automotive sector lost 440,000 jobs (in car production and the aftermarket). If no measures are taken, this number risks being dwarfed by the current recession which may be much deeper,’ together warned the European trade union federation IndustriAll Europe, and on the employers’ side, Ceemet, ACEA, CLEPA, CECRA, and ETRMA. in a joint declaration signed on 26 May. Thus the auto-sector’s call to the European Commission for ‘a bold industrial recovery plan....
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
25 May 2020
Spain: employers walk away from cross-industry talks in protest against potential abolition of 2012 labour reform
On Wednesday, employers walked away from talks over an extension of partial unemployment measures following the lifting of the state of alert in Spain. The move came after a surprise announcement on 20 May that the government and the left-wing Basque pro-independence party EH Bildu had agreed a pact promising the total abolition of the 2012 reform brought about by the People’s Party (on the content of this reform, see article n°120462), which should occur “before the end of the extraordinary measures”...
13 May 2020
EU: social partners in Europe’s tourism industry make joint call for urgent measures to support sector
A joint declaration by European social partners in the hospitality, restauration and food industries – the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) as well as employer organisations FoodDrinkEurope, FoodServiceEurope and HOTREC – was signed yesterday on 12 May. The declaration came ahead of the European Commission presenting its guidelines and recommendations to help member states gradually lift travel restrictions and allow tourism businesses to reopen after months of...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
13 May 2020
United States: one of Amazon’s leading activists takes up the cause of essential workers
Chris Smalls, who sees himself as “the whistleblower fired by Amazon” for demanding more protection from Covid-19, is creating his own defense movement called The Congress Essential Workers to help ‘essential workers’ at Amazon and other companies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and e-commerce companies that have been maintaining activity during the coronavirus pandemic.
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
12 May 2020
Belgium: agreement reached on the resumption of work in the metal and technology sectors
On 11 May trade unions in the metal sector along with the Agoria (technology) employers body signed an agreement for resumption of work amid the coronavirus health crisis. As a complementary text to the Generic Reference Guide, which was published following social consultations at the end of April, the agreement aims to tackle the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace (c.f. article No. 11876). The agreement reasserts the importance of social dialogue and communication between the parties and emphasizes the...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
11 May 2020
EU: European banking sector social partners pen joint declaration on necessary working and employment conditions for providing responsible and ethical financial products services
The joint declaration signed by the European social partners in the banking sector on 7 May represents a step towards “the development of responsible and sustainable provision of financial services”. It places an emphasis on the need to provide a healthy working environment and to involve staff in order to achieve an ethical and sustainable financial service that respects and...
7 May 2020
France: the Paris Ile-de-France Region together with the social partners are jointly defining innovative organization methods, especially in terms of work, so as to manage public transport use during lockdown
As the country prepares for an easing of its lockdown restrictions to commence on 11 May, France’s primary region, in terms of population and economic activity, is embarking upon a decidedly new approach that looks to being all the major transport stakeholders together including the State, Region, municipalities, employers’ bodies, and trade union organizations and to formulate...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19
6 May 2020
Italy: the future president of Confindustria (employers’ body) evokes the idea of favoring company over branch level negotiations for organizing work amid the current crisis
Currently heading up Assolombarda, the powerful Milanese branch of the employers’ organization, Carlo Bonomi will officially take over as head of Confindustria on 20 May. However trade unions are already in a stir over some remarks attributed to the future head, albeit supposedly uttered behind closed doors. In order to foster and facilitate the economic recovery, Mr. Bonomi wants...
Managing the fallout of Covid-19