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30 June 2006
Netherlands: agreement on the restructuring of Nedcar
Confronted to trade unions’ protests, Nedcar, owned at 100% by the Japanese group Mitsubishi, has reached an agreement on the restructuring : no dismissal will take place before April 2007. (Ref. 06670)
30 June 2006
Lidl: German trade union Ver.di criticizes the working conditions
The German trade union of services Ver.di published, on Tuesday 27 June, a new “black book on Lidl in Europe”, accusing the German discount chain of prospering in Europe “at the employees’ expense”. A spokesman for Lidl firmly rejected these remarks. (Ref. 06666)
27 June 2006
Arcelor: European works council worries about the merger with Mittal
Following the announcement of the merger with Mittal, members of the European WC of Arcelor told e-europnews their fears concerning employment in spite of the commitments made by management Monday morning. Some fear that the departures within the group’s management will have negative consequences on social dialogue in France and Europe. The European representatives await more details, which they might get on Wednesday June 28 during a restricted committee of the European council. (Ref. 06554)
26 June 2006
Lego: no layoff in Denmark before 2007
The manufacturer of Danish toys announced, Tuesday June 20, the relocation of a great part of its production to Eastern Europe and Mexico. This is the last stage of a reorganization plan launched in 2004 in order to exit a historical crisis. Lego, which employed 8300 people throughout in the world in 2003, will have only 3000 employees after this reorganization. (Ref. 06649)
23 June 2006
Great Britain : Historical strike threatens Wal-Mart’s subsidiary company
For several weeks, the anger has been growing in the warehouses of Asda supermarkets, subsidiary of Wal-mart and number one supermarket chain in Great Britain. After several weeks of failing negotiations and threats from both sided, the unionized employees (the only ones allowed to decide under British law) voted to go on strike, on June 21. (Réf. 06645)