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3 March 2006
France: a new association of professionals is devoted to social measuring
How to count the number of employees at the international level? Which criteria should be chosen to measure the participation rate in vocational training activities in Europe? The Ipsoc association, formed by human resources professionals, has decided to deal with these questions seriously. (Ref. 06199)
2 March 2006
Sweden : less sick leaves, but the result is more people on welfare
A report from the national agency of social affairs and health qualifies the results of the governmental policy aimed at lowering the number of sick leaves. The number of people who are recipients of long-term social aid is rapidly growing, because of stricter conditions for sick leaves. (Ref.0196)
2 March 2006
Germany : First warning strikes take place in the metal industry
Workers in the metal industry of Bade Württemberg went on strike for the first time this year, as a warning. German employees are allowed to organize short strikes, often a few hours a day, to influence negotiations between trade unions and managers. (Ref.06198)
1 March 2006
Germany : electoral campaign for work councils is launched
On 28 February 2006, the minister for Work and Social Affairs, Franz Müntefering, launched the official campaign for the work councils elections (Betriebsratswahlen 2006) that will take place on March 31st and April 1St. (Ref. 06192)
1 March 2006
Germany: after 40 days of strike, an agreement is concluded at AEG
After several hours of negotiations and five weeks of strike, the trade union IG Metall and the management of AEG, a subsidiary of Electrolux, worked out an agreement to compensate the 1750 employees threatened with redundancy. The Swedish group Electrolux, number one in the world for electric household appliances, had announced last December the shut-down of the AEG site in Nuremberg in 2007 at the latest, and the relocation of production in Poland and Italy. (Réf. 06191)