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23 June 2006
Germany: over 30 000 jobs threatened at Volkswagen, according to “Der Spiegel”
According to the daily newspaper “Der Spiegel” (published on 19th June), Horst Neumann, Human Resources director at Volkswagen, admitted for the first time to employee representatives that over 30 000 jobs could be cut in the automobile group, i.e. 10 000 more than previously envisaged. The information was denied by the management. (Ref. 06634)
22 June 2006
Allianz will cut 7500 jobs in Germany
Despite record profits, the largest German insurer, Allianz, announced on June 22 in Munich the suppression by 2008 of approximately 5000 jobs in the insurance activity in Germany and 2480 jobs in its banking subsidiary company Dresdner Bank, as part of a massive reorganization plan. In reaction, the trade union Ver.di announced warning strikes. (Réf. 06642)
21 June 2006
Netherlands: social unrest in the national railways company
An major conflict is likely at NS Reizigers, a branch of Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the national railways company, which handles the interior passenger traffic. Management intends to increase the service without hiring more workers. Trade unions refuse this. (Ref. 06633)
21 June 2006
Cyprus: a practical guide for Eastern European workers
The Cyprus Federation of Hotel employees has published a booklet intended for Czechs, Slovaks and Poles who come to work in the country. This guide details the collective agreement for employees of the hotels and restaurants sector. (Ref. 06632)
19 June 2006
Great Britain: Amicus asks the financial sector to end the salary gap between men and women
The main employees’ trade union of the private sector threatens “to name and ostracize” the companies of the financial sector which will not quickly undertake to eliminate wage inequalities. For that, they are firmly invited to sign within six months a charter written by Amicus, in which they promise to attack “the roots of these inequalities”. (Réf. 06621)