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26 April 2006
Germany: main measures of the agreement concluded in the engineering industry
Already copied by four regions (Bade-Wurtemberg, Hesse, Osnabrück/Emsland and Thüringe), the agreement adopted 22 April 2006 by IG-Metall and the employers’ organization Metall NRW in Düsseldorf (North Rhineland-Westphalia) was described “as historical” by many observers (see our article n°6400). Here are the main innovations. (Ref. 06408)
25 April 2006
Finland: merger planned between 6 trade unions.
Trade union federations of chemistry, paper, wood, building, electricity and of communications are planning a merger in a few months. The future organisation would gather 283 000 members together. (Ref. 06406)
24 April 2006
Great Britain: the closing of the PSA factory in Ryton seen by the press
Press review from 17 to 21 April 2006. All British newspapers reacted, Wednesday 19 April, to the announcement the day before of the closing of the PSA factory in Ryton, close to Coventry. The media deplores a new hard blow for the car industry. It was an excellent occasion for the British press to compare the French and English social models. (Ref. 06398)
21 April 2006
Neederlands : Strike at Nedcar’s
The Dutch Unions’ Federation (FNV) and the Christians Unions’ Federation (CNV) called for a 24-hour strike at the Nedcar’s car assembly plant on April, 19th. The social movement will be extended next week, for two days this time, if the head does not offer more guarantees for the future. (Ref.06392)
19 April 2006
Great Britain: PSA closes its Ryton factory
Peugeot SA decided to close the British factory of Ryton which employs 2 300 people. The site which produces the 206 model, close to Coventry, will be stopped mid 2007. (Ref. 06380)