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24 March 2006
Germany: public sector employers accused of willingly dividing trade unions
The same employers’ representation which blocks wage increases for civil servants is ready to grant an important wage increase to doctors. The trade union Verdi says employers’ negotiators want to divide employees, and that this threatens the system of centralized negotiation. (Ref. 06283)
22 March 2006
Great Britain: a significant minimum wage increase
The minimum wage for employees 22 years old and over will increase by almost 6% as from October, announced Monday the ministry for Trade and Industry, which decided to follow the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission. (Ref. 06276)
22 March 2006
Arcelor: Mittal Steel’s management wants to charm European trade-union federations
Whereas the European work’s council of Arcelor said, on 16 March 2006, that it was “against the hostile bid of Mittal Steel”, the management of the iron and steel group Mittal must meet, Thursday March 23, the representatives of the trade-union federations concerned with this bid at the headquarters of the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF). (Ref. 06275)
17 March 2006
Belgium: brewery workers protest against InBev relocation plan
Brewery workers are furious because InBev, one of the biggest beer companies in the world, announced at the end of February that some administrative units will be reorganized, some of them will be transfered to Hungary and to Czech Republic. The firm explained that the relocation and the job cuts are linked to a decision to reduce costs. InBev has announced at the end of February its plan to cut jobs in Western-Europe and relocate some units (finance, external trade, supply) to Eastern-Europe.
17 March 2006
Germany : wage negociations in metallurgy become thougher
The conflict in the metallurgical industry , which counts 3.4 million workers in Germany, might get more intense. Faced with the absence of proposal from the employers, IG-Metall answers with a threat of large-scaled warning strikes. (Ref. 06253)