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11 April 2006
France: the government scraps the very controversial “first job contract”
President Jacques Chirac decided to replace the highly disputed “first job contract” (CPE) by a device in favour of the professional integration of young people with difficulties. This will probably put an end to the political and social crisis which has shaken the country for more than two months. (Ref. 06348)
11 April 2006
Netherlands: Mitsubishi makes trade unions furious in Nedcar
The management of Nedcar, a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC), sent, last 6 April, 22 trucks to the factory of Born, to remove the completed production there. This is a declaration of war for trade unions, which protest against the suppression of 1 000 jobs, one third of Nedcar’s labor force. (Ref. 06344)
10 April 2006
Slovakia : KIA and PSA to create 2000 jobs
According to the plans, the South-Korean and French companies will create approximately 2000 jobs in Slovakia before the end of 2006. Both factories plan to launch the production this year : this is why recruitments have already started. (Ref. 06347)
10 April 2006
Germany: strikes end in the public sector of Bade-Wurtemberg
Press review of 1 to 7 April 2006. The German press commented this week on the agreement, signed on 5 April 2006, between the trade union Verdi and the employers’ organization of communities, which put an end to nearly nine weeks of strikes in the public sector of Bade-Wurtemberg. Another big subject in the news : negotiations on the health care reform, which are evolving “slowly”. (Réf. 06342)
7 April 2006
Germany: first wage counter offer of the employers in the metallurgical industry
For the first time since the wage negotiations have been launched at the beginning of February in the metallurgical and electronics industries, the employers proposed a concrete counter offer on April 6, 2006. They propose a 1.2% wage increase per year, with a lump which is likely to fall down according to the company situation. As for IG-Metall, the trade-union, who demands a 5% increase, it threatens to organise a general strike. (Ref. 06336)
7 April 2006
Netherlands: towards a huge restructuring of the unique assembly plant of the country
In the Netherlands, a trial of strength is coming at Netherlands Car BV (Nedcar), the unique automobile assembly plant of the country, located in Born in the Limburg region, following the decision of Daimler Chrysler to stop the production of a Smart model. 1000 jobs are threatened, i.e. a third of the total manpower. (Ref. 06337)