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14 June 2006
Hungary: social partners shocked by government’s announcements
On June 10, before the assembly of the OÉT ( national Council for the Conciliation of Interests) gathering social partners, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány officially announced the program of his new government, which contains a strong policy of austerity. (réf. 06603)
14 June 2006
Germany: Volkswagen wants to restore the 35 hours work-week
The management of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced, Monday June 12, its intention to restore the 35 hours work-week in its West German factories, (currently 28,8 hours) without wage compensation, in order to clear up its VW trademark. This proposal was immediately rejected by the trade union IG-Metall. (Réf. 06600)
12 June 2006
Spain: bill against precarious jobs is adopted by the government
The government adopted, on June 9, the draft legislative decree reforming the labor law, such as it was negotiated by social partners (see our article n°06449). This reform, which aims at promoting stable employment, will come into effect very soon. (Réf. 06591)
12 June 2006
Poland : Bridgestone to open a new factory
Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has announced that it will build a bus and truck tyre factory in Stargard Szczecinski. The factory will employ almost 800 people. (Réf. 06595)
8 June 2006
Lufthansa : a wage agreement for pilots
The first German airline company, Lufthansa, reached an agreement, with its pilots, on a wage rise in two times, the reduction of the variable salary and the introduction of more flexibility in the flight plans organisation. (Ref. 06576)
8 June 2006
Deutsche Telekom : an agreement on a 3 % wage increase
After 7 days of negotiations, the German telecommunication group and the trade union of the services sector, Verdi, reached an agreement on a 3 % wage rise. 55 000 employes will benefit from this increase that will take effect next November the 1rst. (Ref. 06575)
7 June 2006
Hankook Tire to establish first European plant in Hungary
The Korean tire company wants to establish a production site close to its European markets. Hungary was chosen because of its low production costs, skilled workers and because it is close to customers located in Western Europe. (Réf. 06574)