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7 April 2006
Lithuania: industry revolution in 2007-2013
Lithuanian Minister of Economy, Mr. Kestutis Dauksys, prognosticates revolution in national industry’s structure in year 2007-2013, supported by EU Structural and Cohesion funds financial recourse assigned for the state. (Ref. 06337)
5 April 2006
Great Britain : The pensions reform is getting started
The retirement commission, created in 2002 by the British Government made public last April 5th – in its third and last report – its final reform proposals. Those confirm the previous recommandations and revive the anger of the employers. (Ref. 06332)
5 April 2006
Lithuania: industrialists exhorts to exceed 48 hours weekly working time
Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists exhorts government to legitimize a prolonged weekly working time that would then exceed 48 hours. The reason for this proposal is that employees actually do work “opt-out” hours, both in state institutions or private companies. (Ref. 06332)
3 April 2006
Slovenia: new employment law brings major changes
The draft law on employment and insurance in the case of unemployment was adopted by the Slovene government in the beginning of March. It also contains measures for unemployed people who have rejected a job offer. (Réf. 06320)
31 March 2006
Netherlands: FNV tries out the “Japanese” strike
For the first time in the Netherlands, the Federation of Dutch trade unions (FNV) decided to launch, next 2 April, a Japanese-type strike in the factory of the Japanese pharmaceutical group Astellas, to support its claims. (Réf. 06309)
30 March 2006
Renault Trucks : a structure for European level dialog
The management of Renault Truck and all French trade union organizations have signed an agreement on social dialog in France, while introducing a structure for European social dialogue. (Réf. 06308)