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30 March 2006
Poland: a new social pact is being prepared
The social partners, members of a Three-party Commission which brings together trade unions, employers and members of government, signed a resolution in order to negotiate a new social contract. It should contain initiatives like economic development, creation of new jobs and the fight against unemployment. (Réf. 06305)
29 March 2006
Huyndai is going to build a new factory in the Czech Republic
Korean car producer Huyndai officially confirmed that it is going to build its new factory in the Czech Republic, in the industrial zone Nosovice in the Northern Eastern part of the country. The company should directly create as many as 3000 new jobs in its facility. (Réf. 06301)
28 March 2006
Huge demonstrations in France over Prime Minister’s new youth job law
Hundreds of thousand of people demonstrated throughout France today to protest against Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin’s refusal to withdraw the very controversial law that makes it possible for employers to freely dismiss youngsters 26 and under during the first two years of the job contract. (Réf. 06302)
28 March 2006
Germany: IG Metall launches warning strikes as of Wednesday
The trade-union federation IG Metall and Gesamtmetall, the employers’ federation, have been negotiating for several weeks the renewal of the collective agreements for the automobile, metallurgy and electronics industries. IG Metall will launch the first warning strikes Wednesday. (Réf. 06297)
28 March 2006
Great Britain: weak wage increases in 2006
Wages in Great Britain have increased at their weakest rate in three years for the negotiations period surrounding New Year’s day, according to a study conducted by the specialized cabinet Industrial Relations Services (IRS). (Réf. 06298)
27 March 2006
Germany: Bayer’s take over of Schering could cost 6000 jobs
On the strategic level, the merger is completely judicious. But it will not be done without job cuts. This morning, Werner Wending, chairman of Bayer, said “the potential savings are estimated” at 6000 jobs and an annual profit of 700 million euros. Apparently, the headquarters of Bayer-Schering-Pharma should be located in Berlin, which is the current headquarters of Schering. For the city, the decision is essential because Schering is the only large industrial company remaining in the German capital....
24 March 2006
Italy: Berlusconi is furious with employers’ organization
Campaigning for the legislative elections of April, the president of the Italian Council, Silvio Berlusconi, tackled employers’ organizations, accusing them of not supporting him and not representing the peninsula’s employers. (Ref. 06286)