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12 December 2018
Volkswagen: IndustriALL Global is ready to change up a gear in its dispute over the automaker’s US Chattanooga site (in brief)
In a press statement on 12 December, the global industry union federation indicated that on 30 November its executive committee had unanimously voted for a resolution calling on Volkswagen to cease its legal action seeking to hinder recognition of the UAW union (United Automobile Workers) for VW’s US Chattanooga site’s maintenance workers, which the union argues secured its representative rights by way of a vote held in 2015 (c.f. article No. 9404). After its failed union establishment vote in 2014 (c.f....
11 December 2018
Transnational company agreements, a win-win approach for companies and employee representatives (from a report as part of the joint ETUC-BusinessEurope project)
For the first time, trade unions, employers’ organizations and businesses have discussed the issue of transnational company agreements as part of a joint ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) – BusinessEurope project (to which Planet Labor contributed), entitled, Building On Experiences, A Win-Win Approach To Transnational Industrial Relations In Multinational Companies. The...
4 December 2018
Groupama : EWC and management have signed a joint declaration on ‘quality of life at work’ with special emphasis on the impact of digitalization
Trade union federation Uni Europa published the information that on 01 July 2018 a joint declaration was signed by the social partners of the Groupama SA EWC (represented by its secretary) and the group’s CEO, which translates ‘the signatories commitment to promoting an innovative approach and a shared vocabulary as regards quality of life at work as an avenue for supporting how...
European Framework Agreement
28 November 2018
Alcoa : a Dutch court holds that EWC information and consultation can take place at the same time as consultation at national level
On 27 November 2018, the Dutch court rejected the claim made by the Alcoa EWC that the company had to first conclude consultation procedures with the EWC before concluding consultations proceedings with Spanish works council. This procedure was initiated with the Spanish employee representatives’ body on 17 October 2018 in relation to the possible closure of the Avilés and La Coruña sites. The Spanish trade unions had been hoping to secure a suspension of the information and consultation procedure surrounding...
30 October 2018
UPU: Universal Postal Union signs a cooperation agreement with Uni Global Union
UPU is an intergovernmental organization and specialized agency of the United Nations, comprising 192 member countries and is the principal cooperation forum for actors in the postal sector, that works to enable a true global network in terms of products and services. Being a UN agency the UPU has the goal of promoting global socio-economic growth and assisting its members to contribute to achieving the UNO’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The cooperation agreement struck with Uni Global Union on 25 October...
29 October 2018
Platforms: creation of the first transnational federation of delivery riders
The first pan-European assembly for workers of digital delivery platforms was held on 25 and 26 October in Brussels. The meeting organised by Alter Summit and GRESEA (research group for an alternative economic strategy) brought together around 60 ‘independent’ delivery workers, most of which are part of collectives in their own cities or countries, for platforms such as Foodora, Deliveroo, UberEats, Stuart and Glovo.
18 October 2018
Rheinmetall: renews its global framework agreement with IndustriALL Global
In a press statement published on 12 September, the international union federation announced it renewed a global framework agreement that was first signed back in 2003 with the German corporation that supplies both the automotive industry with modules and systems, and the defense industry with army technology. The new text includes measures to tackle harassment and trade union campaign neutrality as well as a whistle blower right if breaches do occur.
3 October 2018
Carrefour: global framework agreement renewed
On 03 October the French multinational retailer renewed its 2015 global framework agreement struck with Uni Global Union (see our article n°9283). In this agreement that both Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard, and the secretary general of the international union federation Christy Hoffman signed, the parties commit to promoting a common shared declaration formulated by the European works council on violence towards women.
Global Framework Agreements
1 October 2018
Inditex: European works council set up
At the start of last week, the Inditex group, which owns clothing brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear, penned an agreement regarding the creation of a European works council (EWC). The deal was negotiated with UNI Europa, the European services workers’ union, and contains a number of innovative measures, such as specific provisions on the links that the EWC is to have with national bodies.
EWC agreements and recast directive