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10 February 2006
Coca-Cola Company: employees demonstrate against a European restructuring plan
According to FGA-CFDT, in addition to the 142 job cuts announced in France, there would be 119 job cuts in Belgium, 170 in England, 140 in Greece and 65 in the Netherlands. The EFTUF reminds that “Coca-Cola is a company of European size, and has signed a charter with trade unions, guaranteeing the consultation of the European work’s council”. The European federation “denounces the lack of information from European authorities but also the failure to respect legal and contractual...
31 January 2006
AXA renews its agreement on the European work council
The management of the AXA group and five of the six French trade-union organizations (CFE-CGC, CFDT, CFTC, CGT, Unsa) renewed, last October 6, the agreement creating the European council of the AXA group. This will apply for a period of four years. (Ref. 0683)
25 January 2006
EDF: seminar on European work councils
The EDF group and its European work councils, instituted in 2003, jointly organized a seminar, which took place between December 6 and 8 2005. It was devoted to the role of European work councils. (Ref. 0661)