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12 July 2019
Great Britain: government aims to bolster protection of workers from sexual harassment
The UK minister for women and inequalities, Penny Mordaunt, has unveiled a new action plan to offer better protection to people who fall victim to sexual harassment. The plan involves an extensive consultation on the matter, which reflects on the need to make employers legally responsible for protecting their male and female employees. The consultation also considers new measures to protect workers from harassment by third parties.
11 July 2019
EU: Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission Presidential candidate seeks to put the environment and social issues at center of her future mandate
On 10 July, CDU (German Conservative Party) member Ursula von de Leyen met with seven EU parliamentary groups as she sought to present her set of priorities in a bid to win their backing for her candidacy as European Commission President, the vote for which is set for 16 July. During a press conference following the meetings, the President-elect sketched out her two primary axes for the...
11 July 2019
EU: Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
The new ‘working conditions Directive was published in the OJEU on 11 July (here). Now EU Members have until 01 August 2022 to align their own national legislation to this new EU text that help to enhance the information to be passed on to employees in the early stages of an employment relationship (as regards place or places of work, the right to training, paid leave, notice period for contract terminations, etc.), hence the reference to the notion of transparency in its title. Above all however, it covers the...
8 July 2019
EU: members of new parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs committee named
In a statement issued on 4 July, the names of the 55 full members and 55 substitute members of the Employment and Social Affairs committee of the newly elected European Parliament were confirmed. The committee will have its first meeting on 10 July. Of the 55 MEPs who sat on the previous committee, only 8 remain in place. Newly elected MEPs account for 44 of the positions on the committee. The make-up of the new European Parliament is reflected in the number of committee members from each political group: 13 come...
European Union
21 June 2019
EU: Council of Ministers sets out its strategic priorities for the next five years
The European elections marked the beginning of a new cycle at the European Union’s main institutions, with the composition of a new European Parliament and, soon, that of a new Commission. It is against this backdrop that Member States on the one hand, and MEPs on the other, have been working in recent weeks to draft what they believe should be the strategic agenda for the next five years. While the strategic agenda of MEPs is yet to be assembled, that of Member States was adopted during the most recent European...
13 June 2019
EU: texts on the European Labour Authority, working conditions and work-life balance definitively adopted (in brief)
The adoption of this trio of texts, which took place today on 13 June at the meeting of the Council on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumers, was a formality. The next step is for these to be published in the European Union’s official journal. On the European Labour Authority, labour ministers from the EU28 agreed that the body will be headquartered in Bratislava (see statement). The Slovak capital will therefore be the hub of the new authority’s work, set to commence in October, which will cover...
28 May 2019
EU: at the end of its 14th Congress the ETUC looks to unite behind efforts to tackle the challenges facing all national trade union organizations
United and Strong, thus the image that Luca Visentini, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation sought to deliver of his organization during the 14th ETUC Congress. The ETUC’s unity was reflected first in the fact that the non-executive presidency and Secretary General positions are being held by people from different EU regions with different trade union histories...
24 May 2019
EU: interview with Laurent Berger, General Secretary of the French CFDT and freshly elected President of the European Trade Union Confederation
During the 14th ETUC Congress, Laurent Berger, General Secretary of the  French CFDT was elected to the Presidency with 95.9% of the vote. In an interview with Planet Labor on 24 May 2019 as the Congress draws to a close, the newly elected President explains how he perceives his non-executive function as well as outlining the subjects and questions he is looking to prioritize during...
24 May 2019
EU: interview with Luca Visentini, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation about the 14th ETUC Congress
As the 14th European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) comes to a close on the afternoon of 24 May 2019, freshly re-elected ETUC General Secretary, Luca Visentini in conversation with Planet Labor highlights the principal themes of the confederation’s 4-year Action Programme, provides more details on expectations surrounding a directive on a minimum wage and on collective bargaining, outlines his hopes for an alliance within the EU parliament that would marginalize extreme-right elements as well as warn of any...