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6 February 2020
Great Britain: ethnic under-representation is evident in more than a 1/3 of big company management boards
Management boards in 37% of the FTSE 100 listed companies (in terms of market capitalization) have no seats occupied by members of ethnic minority groups. This percentage rises to 59% for the broader FTSE 350, and only 15 of these companies actually have a CEO from an ethnic minority group. On 05 February an update report from the Parker Review was published. Three years ago the UK government commissioned the Parker review with a view to encouraging companies to shift traditional paradigms after a shock report in...
4 February 2020
Germany: ruling coalition broadens access to and the duration of partial unemployment alongside mandatory training
Germany’s ruling coalition has broadly responded to demands by the auto and metallurgy sectors’ social partners as laid out at the Federal Chancellery, during the ‘Auto Summit’ on 15 January 2020. Going forward, companies operating in the auto and auto-related sectors that are affected by ‘structural transition’ will now be able to double the length of partial unemployment measures from 12 months to 24 months. Support for and access to on-going lifelong training will also be extended for the companies...
31 January 2020
Italy: ever more protection for delivery ‘riders’
Following the autumn 2019 decree-law that introduced measures protecting home meal delivery ‘riders’ (c.f. article No. 11336 and No. 11463), several events have recently moved in the direction of a trend towards even better protection including, mandatory (as of 01 February 2020), work-related accident cover for these workers, a ruling from the Court of Cassation saying bike delivery riders working under ‘continuous coordinated collaboration’ contracts should receive the same pay as employees carrying out...
31 January 2020
Great Britain: government unveils incomes outlook for university graduates
On 23 January and in a first, the UK government published new data that will enable students to look at their prospects for earnings from each university. The numbers (here), allow prospective students to look at the earnings of graduates five years after they finish their studies based on the university they went to and the region they went on to work in, and in this way make more informed study choices. Universities Minister Chris Skidmore stated, “This data is a milestone for the thousands of future students,...
30 January 2020
Chile: Senate Labour Committee approves draft legislation lowering working time
On 29 January, Chile’s Upper House Labour Committee approved, by four votes to one, a piece of draft legislation under general review that looks to reduce the weekly working week from 45 hours down to 40. Submitted to parliament by two Communist Party members in 2017, the text has seen a resurgence in interest both by the house and in society at large, thanks to the efforts of vigorous social mobilization. Backed by majority public opinion, and advocated by the parliamentary opposition, the issue has been under...
30 January 2020
Italy: the Conte government launches a reflection on pensions
“Consultation is necessary to arrive at a shared proposal on reforming the pension system that can guarantee greater flexibility for exiting” the world of work, announced Labor Minister Nunzia Catalfo, who is looking “to structurally change the country’s pension system within the next ten years.” A first meeting was held on 27 January and negotiations at a technical level will continue throughout February. In addition, three separate committees were set up at the start of the week, including a group of...
28 January 2020
Great Britain: unlimited visas for top scientists after Brexit
On 27 January, the UK’s Conservative-led government announced that after Brexit, the world’s top scientists, researchers, and mathematicians will be given fast-tracked entry to the country thanks to a fast, tailored, and bespoke procedure, called Global Talent. The new system will not require those entering to have minimum salary levels nor employment contracts. Global Talent will open on 20 February 2020 and instead of via the immigration services this new entry route will be managed by the UK Research and...
28 January 2020
France: government adopts draft legislation reforming the country’s pension schemes
On 24 January, against a backdrop of mobilization by several of the country’s trade unions (the next inter-professional strike is scheduled for Wednesday 29 January), the French Government adopted two pieces of draft legislation geared to instituting a universal points-based pension system. This future universal system will mean an end to the current 42 professional pensions schemes that makes the French pension landscape as complicated as it is. However, although the new system will remain based on the...
27 January 2020
Italy: major boost to employee purchasing power
On the evening of 23 January, Italy’s council of ministers approved a decree-law that will reduce income tax for employees whose annual gross revenue is below €40,000. Italy’s 2020 budget law set aside close to €3 billion this year for the measure, which will affect 16 million workers and will take effect in July.
24 January 2020
Germany: ministry of employment sets up ‘council for the world of work’
On 21 January, German minister for employment and social affairs Hubertus Heil, of the SPD party, unveiled the 11 members of the new ‘council for the world of work’, which held its constituting session on the same day. This new board of experts, who come from different backgrounds, will provide the monitoring and forecasting that has been lacking on the topic, at a time when the world of work is undergoing major structural upheaval. In addition to an annual thematic report, the council will be responsible for...