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9 June 2006
Netherlands: dissension on the bill relating to working conditions
According to figures published on 1 June by the ministry for Social Affairs and Work, absenteeism strongly decreased, by 22 % between 1999 and 2004, when health and safety conditions were negotiated within the framework of collective agreements. This study goes in the same direction as the bill deposited by the government, which makes social partners responsible for negotiating health and safety rules. (Réf. 06585)
8 June 2006
France: a fixed-term contract for seniors
The main measure of the “national plan for senior’s employment “, presented on June 6 by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, is the creation of a fixed-term contract for job-seekers over 57 years old. (Réf. 06580)
6 June 2006
Lithuania: pensions due to increase
Retirement pensions in Lithuania will be updated by an average 60 Litas (17,4 Euros) per month starting from next 1 July. Last week, Lithuania’s Prime Minister Mr. Algirdas Brazauskas also announced the Government’s intention to update the basic pension by 30 Litas (8,7 Euros). (Ref. 06570)
5 June 2006
Belgium: three «anti-discrimination» bills
The Minister for Equal opportunities, Christian Dupont, presented, last May 24 to the Council of Ministers, three preliminary draft laws supplementing the Belgian legislative arsenal and transposing the latest European directives on the matter. (Ref. 06557)