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1 February 2006
Netherlands : it will be easier to fire an employee
On January 25th, four multinational companies; Philips, Shell, Unilever and Azko Nobel have once again backed the draft law -currently in Parliament- which aims at “flexibilising” layoffs and dismissals, in order to facilitate hiring. As usual, a reform involving flexisecurity leads to a reform of unemployment insurance. (Ref. 0684)
1 February 2006
Germany : new rules for unemployment benefits
Starting February 1st 2006, new rules apply to the jobseeker’s allowance called “Arbeitslosengeld 1”. The changes enacted by the January 1st, 2004 legislation involve the length and conditions of payment of this allowance. (Ref. 0687)
30 January 2006
Spain is ordered to modify its regulations involving private security activities
For the Cour of Justice, Spain has failed to fulfil its obligations (regarding art. 43 of the Treaty which guarantees freedom of establishment, and art. 49 which relates to freedom to provide services) by maintaining provisions on private security services which impose a series of requirements on foreign private security companies for the pursuit of their activities in Spain. (Ref. 0682)
30 January 2006
Great-Britain : CBI ends maternity leave support
The CBI has withdrawn its support for the government’s plan to extend the paid maternity leave from six months to nine. It has made this move because the government withdrew its plan to allow firms to pass the handling of maternity pay over to HM Revenue and Customs. (Ref. 0668)
25 January 2006
Great Britain: incapacity benefits will be severely limited
The work and pensions secretary has announced the main measures of a forthcoming reform of incapacity benefit (IB). IB is due to the sick, the handicapped and people in incapacity: the government wants to put back to work 1 million of the 2,7 million recipients of the incapacity benefit (IB) in order to save 7 billion Pounds (more than 10 billion euros) per year. The total cost of social security benefits is 12,5 billion Pounds per year (more than 18 billion euros). (Ref. 0664)
25 January 2006
Czech Republic : three experimental programs could lower unemployment in some areas
During the first half of this year, the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is going to launch three experimental programs (in Moravian-Silesian region, Karlove Vary and Usti nad Labem regions) aimed at reducing unemployment. The aim is to support part time employment and incentives (bonuses paid by the state) for people to cut their full time job to a part time one. The ministry estimates that around 500 people could find a new job. The programs’ costs should amount to 5 million CZK (about 17 500 euros)....